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Shred Unit with Julia Baumgartner

Last week, ripping rider and Nikita Ambassador Julia Baumgartner took to the slopes with a crew of almost three dozen eager snowboarders at Nordkette Skylinepark for the first Shred Unit coaching event of the season!

A #tbt of Julia showing off her rail skills and why she was pumped to coach the up-and-comers at Shred Unit. 

The aim of the day was to improve their snowboard skills, while having a blast and getting to know other girls that loved to ride just as much as they did.

Getting ready to follow the pros through the park

Everyone grouped together with their coaches and paid close attention to not only what their mentor was telling them, but how they were showing it- with style. Students made mental notes and each took their turn to give it a try.

The whole group of riders, coaches, volunteers and everyone else who came out to make the Shred Unit event a reality!

At the end of the day, it was simply a gathering of great people having a great time. When you're in a place like Nordkette and riding with people like Julia, how could you not? 

Huge thanks to Shred Unit and Nordkette Skyline for hosting the event, as well as the other amazing coaches Hanna Volgger and Stefi Nitiv for continuing to spread the stoke.


Girls Are Awesome Presents Crap to Bottom with Elena Koenz

You know and Nikita knows- Girls Are Awesome.

How awesome? Well have a look at the newest Crap to Bottom edit with our girl Elena Koenz and friend Sina Candrian from LAAX. These ladies take turns making turns and jibbing features in such a smooth way you'd think they practiced ballet in their off time.


Portland, OR, January 2017 Nikita announced a partnership with Poseiden Foundation, the non-profit organization focused on empowering youth to actualize their dreams through the sports community, with a special focus on action sports. Nikita kicked off this partnership with a sponsorship of the 8th installment of Ladies Day this past November that Poseiden Foundation hosts at The Berrics in Los Angeles, CA.

“Nikita’s roots are in skate, so of course we were drawn to sponsoring Ladies’ Day and excited to be a part of it said Vicki Vasil, Nikita Marketing Manager. “Poseiden’s cause makes an impact for girls in skateboarding—and beyond—globally, which matches our brand’s aspiration to inspire rebellious confidence in girls no matter what their passion. We think that together we can synergize our combined message to inspire more girls all over the world.”

Read the full press release on Snowboarder.com 


Three Steps to Backyard Shredding

Ever sat at your computer watching some else's mini-shred edit from their hometown and wished you could do the same?

Well stop wishing, and start doing!

If you live in a city or town that gets snow (as we hope most of you winter addicts do), then the only thing holding you back is you. 

Here are our three easy steps to get shredding in your own backyard, TODAY!

Step 1. Grab some friends

More bffs, more hands to help with digging, and with a backyard fun feature- you're going to need some assistance to shovel that snow.

Step 2. Find a feature

Moving a makeshift rail into place

Have a cool rock you've been eyeing at the edge of your yard? An old paint can or barrel that's getting tossed out in the garbage? Of course make sure that there are no sharp edges or nails anywhere (because everyone falls at some point and you wanted to be as safe as possible), but after that- anything is free game! Let your imagination do the work.

Step 3. Ride!

Grace riding her DIY backyard rail

Build up some snow around that thing, get a pull-in from a friend of find a little hill in your yard and let 'er rip.

Believe it or not, this is how a lot of pro riders got their start riding. With a little elbow grease and some friends to add to the fun, you'll be riding your backyard park in no time. If you didn't catch it before, be sure to drop over to Transworld Snowboarding and check out Nikita's Early Season Edit with Nirvana Ortanez and Grace Mayernik, where the ladies sought out the snow and brought their own DIY park to life.

Photos - Mia Lambson

Elena Koenz 2016 Snowboard Edit

Elena never ceases to draw us in with her snowboarding. Powerful, fast, and cool as a cucumber in the ice age, this ripper never seems to sleep on the slopes.

Check out her season edit from 2016 to get stoked for 2017- always looking forward, always pushing harder.

The Season's Selection - Elena Koenz from doodah on Vimeo.

HNY! Jordan Beal reviews her 2016

Jordan Beal is a girl who gets around on her skateboard. And not just riding through the parks, but getting in with the local skateboarding community and working to grow all girls' involvement with the sport, which is something we really admire.


Jordan Beal by the sea


She did a lot of things, and although no year is perfect (as any one of us can attest to), Jordan went through and highlighted her favorite, "Ups" of 2016. We were so excited to have made her list! Check out the excerpt below and be sure to go to her blog to read the full recap there.

"2016 had so many ups and downs.  Let’s focus on the ups.

Being interviewed by Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word was a rad surprise.  Cindy Whitehead the founder is an inspiration on & off the board.  When she’s not skateboarding she’s a stylist – dream job."

Happy New Year, everybody!


Three No-Brainer Winter Warmer Meals

Winter is finally upon us, and we've been getting out into those mountains like we've never seen snow before! Our days are filled with snowy adventures, snot rockets (hey, our noses run, what are we supposed to do?) and tons of laughs all day long.

But what about at the end of the day? We're always so exhausted, starving, and never trying to break the bank with our apres. We need to eat though, and we want it to be warm and comforting!

We compiled a list of our three favorite winter warmer recipes that you can make on a brain that's been fried from ridign all day to make sure you refuel & are ready to get back at it again tomorrow- 

1. One Pot Mexican Chicken Quinoa Skillet

Chicken, salsa, beans, cheese and more- what else could you want to fill yourself up?

2. Slow Cooker Three Bean Chili

You'll want to set this one up before you leave the house, but you'll be coming home to delicious, hearty chili. Spoon it out, sprinkle on some shredded cheese and- voila! you'll be noshing in no time.

Excuse me? What's that? You want pizza AND pasta? What a great idea!

3. One Pot Pizza Pasta Bake

If you crave carbs when you finally get inside, then this recipe is for you. All the joys of pasta with the best parts of pizza, this could become your new go-to favorite one pot meal.

Have some great suggestions of your own you think we should try? Let us know!

Jetpack5000 Rocket Science

Need a little more home-grown snowboard culture in your life? 

Rocket Science - Link in Bio

A photo posted by JetPack (@jetpack5000) on


 @staywild (Amanda Hankison) and the rest of the JetPack crew have been working away on a special zine that you would be crazy not to want to open the pages of.

They'll be releasing four first-rate, full-page zines throughout the winter, featuring original interviews, profiles, photography and stories from out in the mountains and throughout the towns they travel through and call home.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to their site here and have a look for yourself at the first issue preview!

Mahfia TV Interviews Nirvana Ortanez

A wonder woman of multiple expertise, Nirvana Ortanez nonchalantly makes you realize that she's doing more in one week than you may be doing in the next month. At once easy-going, extremely passionate and always quick with a smile and a laugh, Nirvana is one of those people you feel lucky to get to meet up on the slopes or out on the waves.

Mahfia TV caught up with her recently to get to know a little more behind that infectious smile. Check out an excerpt from their interview and be sure to head over to their site to see the whole thing and about that last time she laughed so hard she cried.

Nirvana Ortanez at Mt Hood

From Mahfia TV - 

Who has influenced or inspired your (skating/snowboarding/surfing) the most?

For skating, any and all girls who decided that one day they wanted to do it. That was the most terrifying part of skating to me was just trying it. Once I realized that people are there to support you falling face forwards into the bowl, those people were the literal influence to keep me going. Snowboarding and surfing was inspired by my family. My dad taught me how to surf growing up then my mom and brother had passion for snowboarding, I never looked back since. In the grand equation the people who I surround myself with are always the ones that influence/inspire me to do everything I do.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Want to know? Go read the rest of the article here!

Nikita x Poseiden Ladies Day at the Berrics

In case you missed it- Nikita Clothing teamed up with The Poseiden Foundation to host the best Ladies Ride Day at The Berrics- possibly ever!! 

There were dozens upon dozens of female rippers, tearing up the stair sets, mani pads and ramps all over the place. 

They even completed what has been touted as potentially, "the best #mannequin" that has ever been completed to date. We dare you to find one better than this. In fact, we double-dog dare you 🐶 🐶


Our good friend Jordan Beal wrote up an awesome recap of the whole thing. If haven't already, go check out her blog Skating Fashionista and hear how the whole day went down. 



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