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Nikita x Poseiden Ladies Day at the Berrics

In case you missed it- Nikita Clothing teamed up with The Poseiden Foundation to host the best Ladies Ride Day at The Berrics- possibly ever!! 

There were dozens upon dozens of female rippers, tearing up the stair sets, mani pads and ramps all over the place. 

They even completed what has been touted as potentially, "the best #mannequin" that has ever been completed to date. We dare you to find one better than this. In fact, we double-dog dare you 🐶 🐶


Our good friend Jordan Beal wrote up an awesome recap of the whole thing. If haven't already, go check out her blog Skating Fashionista and hear how the whole day went down. 



Nikita Perspectives Photo Show

This past week in Portland, OR Nikita Clothing hosted Nikita Perspectives- our first ever collaborative photo art show!

Nikita Perspectives crowd at Blackbird Pizza

Months ago, we had sent out around 30 disposable cameras to NikitaNation girls of all walks of life. Some we know from our social media base, some were official Ambassadors, and others were simply girls that inspire us to live a creative life.

The place was packed, pizza was served to everyone who showed up, and beverages (adult and non-adult) were shared across the entire group. Images were posted across the walls so everyone could wander the room, taking in the different view points every photographer brought to the table. Check out a few select images below, and keep an eye out for an event in your area!

Huge Thank You to: Blackbird Pizza, Jen Dillonevo, Coastal Surf Boutique, US Outdoor Store, Timberline Lodge, Maple and Moss Boutique, Urbane Streetwear and everyone who participated in the event.

Nikita Perspectives photo by Quinn Poer


“outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, POV, standpoint, position, stand, stance, angle, slant, attitude, frame of mind, frame of reference, approach, way of looking, interpretation.

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

NIkita Perspectives Skateboarder photo by Heidi Venturine

From Oregon to Washington, from California to Montana, to Idaho and Canada and beyond—we sought out those who hold a unique perspective of the world, an individualistic way of looking at things. 

Nikita Perspectives photo by Quinn Poer of evo

We gave each person the same instructions with the camera, and were rewarded with an array of images as different as each of these people are from one another. This is the collection of their cumulative submissions.

Nikita Perspectives photo by Amanda Proudfit

The show doesn’t end here—add your perspective to our digital collection by using #NikitaPerspective in your next social post, and become a part of the Nikita Nation yourself.

Nikita Perspectives Poster - art by Cheyne Brooking


SLC Shred Fest

If you're in the Salt Lake City area today in the afternoon, you HAVE to make it over to Shred Fest! It's another pre-season fix for all you people who live for the snow and we'll be set up and hanging out there for the whole day. Come by, say hi, meet snow Ambassadors Nirvana Ortanez, Grace Mayernik and Haille Soderholm and enjoy an awesome fall day outside!

Opens at: 2pm, Nov 5th

Location: Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah


Nikita Early Season Snowboarding

Nikita Early Season Snowboarding from Nikita Clothing on Vimeo.

If its one thing we can count on during the months of September through November, its that we never know when (or if) the snow will come. When we started seeing some flurries start to fall this month, we couldn’t resist- we had to get out there and see if we could find some snow. It doesn’t always go your way, but after a little skateboarding and a bit of a road trip, we were able to find a stash of snow in the mountains that made for some perfect early season DIY snowboarding.

Riders: Grace Mayernik, Nirvana Ortanez
Film/Edit: Ashley-Dawn Byrd
Photos: Mia Lambson

Five Delicious Fall Alternatives to the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Now that we've a lot of time talking about the, "Ideas, Origin and Inspiration" of coffee, lets get to the good stuff- drinking the coffee!

We've collected links to five new favorite fall-inspired recipes for you to get your hands around (and that don't hinge on the oh-so-typical Pumpkin Spice Latte routine). With notes of alluring cocos and earthy undertones, what's not to love?

Espresso Hot Chocolate

Espresso Hot Chocolate

This un-fussy and easy-to-make cold weather comforter has us feeling like the windows are already frosted over with early-season snow. Maybe they are.

Chai Spiced Coffee

Chai Spiced Coffee

You can brew this in an automatic drip-coffee maker. Imagine setting it up the night before on a timer, then waking up to the tantalizing aroma of indian spices wafting from your kitchen. If that doesn't get you out of bed on a cold autumn morning, we don't know what will.

Homemade Coconut Latte

Homemade Coconut Lattes

While this recipe does include some milk (and a lot of coconut) you could easily make it dairy-free by simply swapping the cow's milk for coconut milk. Ta-da! Delicious both ways, any day.

Bicern Italian Coffee Recipe

Bicerin (also known as, "Italian Coffee")

Don't be intimidated by its looks- this is an easy recipe to follow, but may make you late for work if you try to concoct it on a weekday. We suggest saving this decadent devil for an easy Saturday or Sunday to truly be able to savor it.  

Maple Cardamom Latte

Maple Cardamom Latte

And to round out this list of delicious fall coffee recipes, here's one that brings to mind frosty walks through the deep deciduous forests surrounded by falling leaves of red, orange and gold.

Laura Lawson Visconti in Nikita Clothing Coffee

Maybe we're getting a little too swept up in this, maybe we've just had a bit too much coffee at this point- but what the heck. Try some (or all) of these out and let us know what you think! If you have a great photo of how yours came out, tag us on social and show us where you enjoyed it - @nikitaclothing #nikitanation, we can't wait to see it!  

Nikita Fall Collection: Colorstory Part II

Nikita Fall Collection 2016 Coffee Colorstory Luba Lubinskaia, Laura Diehm Cortado Sweater Dress

Luba Lubinkskaia in the Kaya Legging and Laura Diehm in the Cortado Sweater Dress enjoy a sunrise on the rooftops of Germany p. Conny Marshaus

Words: Jenna Kuklinski and Vicki Vasil

We know now where coffee comes from (if you haven't yet, check out Nikita Fall Collection: Colorstory Part I). The small plant that grows with green leaves and produces ripe, rich cherries that are harvested with eager attention and grows in tropical climates. That's coffee- that's where it starts. 

But where does this lead us? To the drink, of course; the beverage that an entire industry has been born from- trade routes established and which is the drink of choice for many to wake up to in the mornings. That energizing enigma that inspires so many posts to people's social accounts, that thing that has turned being a barista from merely a side-job for young kids and college students into a life-long career of passion.

Nikita Clothing Fall collection 2016 coffee and cream

Black/White, coffee/cream- opposites attract p. Conny Marshaus

For the second half of our colorstory, we pull our inspiration from coffee & cream, the final product and perfect pairing of this plant. Finally! put the brew to your lips and sip. Energy abounds with bursts of color complementing the cherry tones and basic black, to round the collection out with a diverse palette that pops. Mesh textures offer a subtle play on burlap, and we introduce an accessory micro-collection with "light" or "dark" options. 

Nikita Fall Collection 2016 Coffee Colorstory Schirin Frosch and Sahra Doerfel Criollo Top and Robusta Tee

Schirin Frosch wears the Criollo Top in Jet Black, while Sahra Doefel donned the Robusta Tee in Heather Drizzle p. Conny Marshaus

The excitement and energy that flows from the colors in the origin of coffee translate over flawlessly into the subtle and cool tones of the final product. This is a collection that comes together for us in so many ways! 

So grab your favorite mug, some and some cream (if you take it) and settle into autumn. Its going to be cool, crisp and energizing- a perfect pairing to our favorite fall beverage.

Nikita Fall Collection 2016 Coffee Colorstory Nirvana Ortanez Evolution Crew

Nirvana Ortanez enjoys a carefully crafted latte wearing the Evolution Crew in Castle Rock p. Jenna Kuklinski

Nikita Fall Collection: Colorstory Part I

Laura L Visconti enjoys a mug of her favorite brew in the Robusta Tee from the Beans and Leaves collection. p Alex Uvalle

Here at Nikita, we can't help but notice- the leaves are changing color, air is getting crisper and those bright mornings are just begging to be greeted with a huge cozy hoodie and steaming cup of coffee. Fall has arrived.

This is where we drew our inspiration for the Nikita Fall/Winter 2016 collection; those feelings that come up during fall- and specifically that tie to coffee. As a comforting cup mixed with cream of sugar, but also coffee's origins; the plant, the beans, the leaves.  

The colors that come from a coffee cherry are amazing! Not just browns and blacks, but fresh reds and golds from the live plant. p- Conny Marshaus

Based off of our color palette and concept for Beans and Leaves in the streetwear collection—the origins of coffee— this season we've featured a blend of colors from the green and red of the coffee cherry plant, to a gold solid and complementary basics. Its hard to resist the caffeinated pull of this awesome plant! The patterns and colors that have come from all of it- we can't get enough (sound familiar, coffee lovers?).

Laura Diehm wearing the Reykjavik Hoodie in a seasonal prints inspired by the origins of coffee. p- Conny Marshaus

So, however you like it- coffee is so much more than a cup of caffeine. Enjoy the seasons as we shift over from hot summer days to cool autumn mornings and stay tuned as we introduce the rest of the inspiration for our Fall Winter collection soon! 

🍂   ☕️   🍂

Five Reasons to Continue Biking Into Fall

You’ve done so well at bike commuting all summer long, why quit now? Yes the sun may set a little earlier and the days may seem a little colder, but the reasons for biking through the fall are endless. Here are five that may help to persuade you into setting the car keys aside for just a couple more months-

  1. Biking will help keep your commute quick. As everyone else tucks their bikes away for the season you can avoid the added traffic by sticking to the bike lanes. Plus parking is a breeze and totally free.
  2. Don’t forget about the environment! Protect the polar bears, keep the glaciers from melting, and revive the coral reefs by limiting the demand for oil.
  3. Your own health may be the most important reason. Biking is great exercise and can save you a trip to the gym. As the days get shorter, and the activities you can pack into your time of daylight shrinks, why not double up on commuting and cardio at the same time?
  4. Not only a benefit for your physical health but biking is also also amazing for your mental health. Prepare yourself for the day, boost your creativity and get your blood flowing, then debrief and analyze on your way home.
  5. Biking can be a very social way to commute. Even if the encounters with your fellow bikers is silent a lot can be said for a nod to a friendly face every morning and the community you build is stronger than it may seem.
The pretty leaves and changing scenery is just an added bonus.

Three Bags You Should Always Have Packed

It seems that spontaneity is a part of every woman’s day to day life. Especially now, when the world moves past us so quickly, it is essential to seize any and every opportunity for a night out or a weekend away! Here are three bags, each packed with five items, that we all should have packed and ready to go.

Camp/adventure pack:

  • Sunscreen and lip balm with SPF.
  • Duct tape. Seriously essential.
  • Raincoat.
  • Mini first aid kit with only essential items (don’t buy one, make your own).
  • Comfy set of dry clothes.

Night out bag:

  • Fav lip stick, gloss or tinted lip balm.
  • Extra layer, something that packs down pretty small. (Nikita Layers link)
  • Portable phone charger, so your night never has to end.
  • Disposable camera. Documentation is key.
  • A small pack of mints or gum to keep your night fresh. 

Day bag: day out on the town

  • Sweater or hoodie.
  • Snack. You never know when hunger will strike.
  • Cash, if you only allow yourself to spend cash when out and about you can’t over spend!
  • Sunglasses.
  • Lip balm with SPF.

A Stretch Routine For Everyone, Everyday.

Sun salutations and morning meditation is a great way to start the day, but just not practical for everyone.

Here is a stretch routine to help anyone get their morning started with movement- these five stretches take just minutes to go through and are the perfect pick-me-up to help you feel focused and energized.

Begin by standing with your feet planted to the floor shoulder-width apart and lift your hands from your side, out in front of your body, up above your head and hold them there for twenty seconds taking in deep breaths as you do so.

Keeping your feet in the same position reach your hands down to your toes while bending from your waist and allow your body to rest in this position for fifteen seconds.


Next, take one step to the side and reach your right hand to your right foot while extending your left arm above your head. Hold for fifteen seconds and then repeat the motion on your opposite side.

Finally, bring your hands back to the center, reaching for the ground in between your feet. Hold this position for a final fifteen count.

Feel free to modify this sequence either by repeating these stretches two or three times or challenging yourself to hold each position for five seconds longer than the time before, this will help to gain flexibility. These stretches aren’t only good for the morning, they can be done during the day as a way to refocus your mind and serve as a great, quick stretch if your muscles are feeling tight before, during, or after a tough workout.
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