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    Jenna Kuklinski

Nikita Perspectives Photo Show

This past week in Portland, OR Nikita Clothing hosted Nikita Perspectives- our first ever collaborative photo art show!

Nikita Perspectives crowd at Blackbird Pizza

Months ago, we had sent out around 30 disposable cameras to NikitaNation girls of all walks of life. Some we know from our social media base, some were official Ambassadors, and others were simply girls that inspire us to live a creative life.

The place was packed, pizza was served to everyone who showed up, and beverages (adult and non-adult) were shared across the entire group. Images were posted across the walls so everyone could wander the room, taking in the different view points every photographer brought to the table. Check out a few select images below, and keep an eye out for an event in your area!

Huge Thank You to: Blackbird Pizza, Jen Dillonevo, Coastal Surf Boutique, US Outdoor Store, Timberline Lodge, Maple and Moss Boutique, Urbane Streetwear and everyone who participated in the event.

Nikita Perspectives photo by Quinn Poer


“outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, POV, standpoint, position, stand, stance, angle, slant, attitude, frame of mind, frame of reference, approach, way of looking, interpretation.

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

NIkita Perspectives Skateboarder photo by Heidi Venturine

From Oregon to Washington, from California to Montana, to Idaho and Canada and beyond—we sought out those who hold a unique perspective of the world, an individualistic way of looking at things. 

Nikita Perspectives photo by Quinn Poer of evo

We gave each person the same instructions with the camera, and were rewarded with an array of images as different as each of these people are from one another. This is the collection of their cumulative submissions.

Nikita Perspectives photo by Amanda Proudfit

The show doesn’t end here—add your perspective to our digital collection by using #NikitaPerspective in your next social post, and become a part of the Nikita Nation yourself.

Nikita Perspectives Poster - art by Cheyne Brooking


  • Post author
    Jenna Kuklinski