5 Heavenly Hidden Getaways To Pack Your Bikini For

Spring is beginning to… spring, and our minds have giddily run away with themselves dreaming up heavenly places to pack our bikinis into. Here’s a list of our top 5 hidden fantasy getaways that require you to bring a swimsuit but don’t require you to max out your credit card (and while you’re at it, take a peak at our dreamy spring 2015 swim line).

Tulum, Mexico

Located an easy $32 shuttle away from the Cancun airport, this breezy beach town takes your away from the commotion of city life and closer to the heart of paradise. While the cheapest places to stay are in an area that feels more like a highway truck stop than dream getaway, the money you save will let you make the most of your vacation. The reason to take your bikini here is so you can swim in one of the many cenotes that surround the area. Crystal-clear mineral pools that bubble up from hundreds of feet below in secluded locations. These, “cenotes” were sacred places to the Mayans and some are still lovingly maintained by local co-ops, creating a “lost in time” feel to this pristine place.

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Playa Junquillal

We all know Costa Rica is famous for their beaches and surf. But why not get lost on a lesser-known path to one of their hidden beaches? Playa Junquillal is one of those places- a gorgeous beach accessible only by kayak. Throw your tanning top on under your lifejacket, slap on the sunscreen and paddle out to this paradise-style playa from the Gulf of Papagayo. The water is emerald green and the sands are a blissful white. We’re getting warmer just thinking about it.

Pueblo Verde is the near-by community that takes pride in preserving their low-key paradise.

Queen’s Bath, Kuai’i Hawaii

CAUTION: Please use your head, this spot can be deadly if visited during inclement weather or strong tides (what’s a little fun without a hint of danger?).

Wearing your bikini isn’t always about placid waters and sun-soaked beaches. You’ve got mix things up a bit and get your adrenaline pumping in the warm weather too! Discover Queen’s Bath, located on the beautiful island of Kaui’i Hawaii. Not only is this crystal-clear tidal pool home to sea urchins and other marine animals but some fun cliff-jumps that send you splashing into the volcanic pool. If you find yourself here, you’ll probably see locals launching off rocks into the ocean, but we recommend sticking to the tidal pool- strong currents can pull you out to sea and drown you. It’s fun to take risks, but not ones those big. That being said, this spot is on the top of our tropical bucket list.

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Roadtrip Around Santiago, Chile

Pull a partner along with you for this getaway so you can split the cost of a car rental and share the breathtaking views of this raw landscape.. You’ll be finding yourself in Chile and touring the collection of spectacular bustling city life, imposing volcanoes and traipsing from one winery to the next (if you’re of that age) along this coastal country. Of course, don’t forget to find your way to one of the beautiful beach (that’s why you packed your bikini, right?). Being a country that literally makes up the western coast of south america, there are tons of places to sneak off and get a good view of the ocean. We’re fantasizing about camping under the stars at La Caleta and touring the Pan De Azucar National Park. It’s a place where desert hits the sea and you can fiesta into the night with fellow travelers and dreamy souls.

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Green Bowl- Bali 

You can’t always put on a bikini and not expect to put in some work. Discover Green Bowl (or Dream Beach) in Bali- a secluded hike-in beach that houses bat caves and some serious surf. Bring a surfboard along with you down the hundreds of concrete steps to the beach and get to mastering these amazing waves.

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March 06, 2015 — Jenna Kuklinski