Luba Lubinskaia Loves You

The best gift that I am getting through my work is support.

Words: Luba Lubinskaia

When I started two years ago here in Berlin, I never dreamed that living could get so nice. Of course, I’ve always had dreams and I did what I could to make them happen….. But then came all this LOVE to me…. And it only gets better.

Being a free artist makes me feel so great and at the same time it is a little bit scary. I have to feel confident with my skills, my character and my visions. I have to be a strong person, fight for my money and for good working terms. I have to connect all the time with artist that I like and I want to support (that´s a good part of course). This a working flow that never stops. I wake up with ideas and worries and go to bed with the same.

Yeah, I always have to promote myself and just keep on going and going…. And there are always people who really love my work and believe in me as an artist.






DAR The Book 

NIKITA is the first brand that is really a, “sponsor” to me. I worked a runway job for these guys in summer 2014. It was such a fun day, and right from the start I felt in love with the designs. They are made of light fabric, have pure designs and lovely textures (that are so natural and complicated like me). So I talked to their promotion chief and told them right away that I would LOVE to shoot a look-book for them. I wanted to work with them more because they travel to wonderful, peaceful places around the world and just do some simple pictures in this amazing nature.

A couple months later I asked them If they would lend me some clothes for a short music video that I planned, for my techno track, and they said YES! The best thing was, I could keep the clothes!

Two months later they asked me if I would like to be a part of their ambassador project and of course I said YES!

To be a part of these powerful women and the NIKITA family makes me so happy and inspires me.

Now I have cool, customized and high quality clothes and a big platform to spread my work.

This year will be so great <3


March 18, 2015 — Jenna Kuklinski