Haille Soderholm Gets You Prepped

Tips to keep your life in order as a snowboarder while traveling, competing, and going to school. 

Words: Haille Soderholm

As we all know, life has a tendency to get a little hectic sometimes. Trying to balance a snowboard career while being a full-time college student on top of everything else has basically turned my life into a traveling circus. So here I have come up with a few tips and tricks I use to at least try and keep my life in order! Whether you are an aspiring snowboarder, or just a travel-crazed person, these tips are sure to help keep your life in order when bouncing from one place to the next.

 Airports are the perfect place for power naps. 

1. Keep deodorant in your backpack. Always. One day, you are going to have to go straight from the mountain to class, or dinner, or to the airport and you will thank me for this. I don’t care where you are, it is never acceptable to smell like a homeless snowboard bum, and having deodorant handy will do wonders.

2. Have at least two toothbrushes. Having a crazy busy life means you are inevitably going to forget things. I learned this after forgetting my toothbrush at home on at least 10 trips and being too busy practicing and competing to go buy a new one. Gross, I know. Luckily, I learned from this and now keep one toothbrush permanently at home, and one permanently in my travel bag. Problem solved.

3. Make a mental checklist of the necessities before you leave on a trip. I really mean only the necessities. Anything that you need to snowboard with should go on this list, and everything else- leave it out. My list consists of my Nikita Krystall Snowboard, boots, outerwear, helmet, goggles, beanie, headphones, phone (and charger), and wallet. Those are all I need to ride and everything else I can survive without.

Friends and Flavor-Blasted Goldfish; the bare necessities.

4. Do homework in the morning. If you are anything like me, you may have noticed it hard to concentrate or get anything productive done after 3pm. It’s proven that our minds work more efficiently in the morning hours which is why I’ve made a habit of waking up early and hammering out homework before heading to the mountain. Getting things done early leaves for a full day of worry-free shredding!

Balancing a crazy life of shredding, hitting the road, and getting an education can be pretty stressful sometimes. But I promise, if you follow these few tips your life may just get a little bit easier!

April 07, 2015 — Jenna Kuklinski