We’ve just released the Fall/Winter 15/16 collection on nikitaclothing.com, and it’s already available at hundreds of retailers worldwide! As you scan the new looks for your favorite pieces we thought we’d share some of our staff’s favorites with you!

Kristin Normansen, Designer/Developer is drawn to the Avant Dress in Plum Perfect Pinstripe. “It feels like high fashion with its vertical stripes. I love the contrast of the androgynous fit with its feminine purple-black color combo.”

Vicki Vasil, our Marketing Manager, loves the Carter Hoodie in jet black.


“This piece is so rock and roll. It’s the perfect alternative to my motorcycle jacket, but versatile enough that I can wear it to the gym too. The functional back zip is #hawt.”


Northwest Sales Rep Laicina Canham’s pick is the Delano shirt. “For the last couple seasons I’ve ordered every colorway of the Delano shirt and now my friends know it as the main staple in my wardrobe! Living life on the road I can wear it snowboarding or with a body con dress, tights and my favorite boots. It’s a no brainer!”


One of our ambassadors, snowboarder and behavioral neuroscience student, Haille Soderholm was in our office when we were writing this blog, so we asked her favorite is. And same as last season…. “The Boxy hoodie in black. This is by far my favorite hoodie. It’s warm enough to wear on the mountain and comfy enough to keep on all day. A go-to piece for the winter months.

And, finally, from our social and community maven Jenna Kuklinski-

“Oops. I love it all. Here’re two:

The Ragged Jacket- it’s exactly what I want hugged around my face when summer gives way to fall. I love being able to layer long pieces and this jacket lets me do all that I want  while snapping up any pair of slacks and t-shirt that I pair with it.

The Turner Jacket- This jacket makes me want to go hunting, or at least pretend to (since I don’t want to actually shoot anything. Maybe I’ll gather some berries instead.) I can’t wait to throw it on and start wandering through some crisp fall foliage.

October 08, 2015 — Jenna Kuklinski