"State of Mine"

“State of Mine” The trip of a lifetime.

Content by Forrest DeVore and Ashley Thornton. 

Follow, long time shred couple Forrest DeVore and Ashley Thornton while they travel their home state of Oregon in search of good snow, good times and unfamiliar places to them, even though Oregon is where they both were born and raised. They will be camping out of their Skamper (pop up cabover camper) and truck. Home will be where they park it. Most likely up close to the goods. Oregon is quite a big state and while talking about traveling the world something came to mind for both of them, that they wanted to take a step back and do something more feasible, but still fulfilling and even more important to them at this particular time. They want to see their home state and see what snowboarding terrain lies out their back door. With a goal of seeing all that Oregon has to offer and conquer their home state. “We have been so many places in Oregon, countless road trips, but have so much more to see”, they both had the idea instead of traveling all over the western states, as they have together for the last 11 years in search of contests, which were mostly at big popular ski resorts ran by Corporations. They would start traveling to mom and pop ski hills around Oregon, that they have never been to. While they explore these places, they will also be doing plenty of splitboarding, sidecountry and backcountry outings in some of the most beautiful places that they see. They will be filming each other on their journeys so stay tuned for “State of Mine” edits to be dropping soon!


Here’s a link to their first episode: https://vimeo.com/156058802


And here’s what they have to say about it:

Out to Eastern Oregon! Soul mates and snowboard couple Forrest Devore and Ashley Thornton set out on there first “State of Mine” Oregon road trip. Their first trip was to a part of Oregon that they have only heard about. First they hit up Anthony Lakes ski resort and after that they traveled to the northeastern part of the state to hit up the backcountry in the Wallowa’s. “It was Gorgeous and as Stunning as we have always heard!” Along their first journey they found fresh pow, plenty of cliffs, and fun to be had for days! “We met some very amazing people out there in the middle of nowhere. The country life is where it at.”

March 04, 2016 — Jenna Kuklinski