A Land Shaped By Women

I'm in awe at how inspiring and truly moving the "A Land Shaped by Women"  trailer is. 

As an intern over here at Nikita what i've really been reminded of after watching this is that being a female in such a male dominated industry is so incredible. In the last month alone I've met so many inspirational women that have helped me replace my fear and intimidation with confidence and inspiration which is why this film resonates so deeply with me.



Anne-Flor Marxer and Aline bock grabbed their boards and piled into a camper van on a mission to bring gender equality to center stage by inspiring women around the world and showing them the "Icelandic way." Iceland is and has been ranked number one by the United Nations for gender equality for the last 9 years. Showcasing this to the world can help us stand along side them to continue the fight for gender equality.

I've lived in a van myself and it's no easy feat. Just picture a small space filled with wet boots, snowboards, surfboards, soaking wet wetsuits, and nowhere to go but forward. But it's all worth it, it's worth the peaceful mornings in the mountains, the lifelong friends and inspiration you pick up along the way.



They met life changing females along the way. Such as Vilborg Arna, the first Icelandic woman to climb Everest and reach the south pole. Heida Birgisdottier, the founder of Nikita as well as Una Torfadottir a feminist performer. 



These ladies are empowering women around the world to close the gap and fight for gender equality through there love for the mountains. Let's all watch in awe and get ready to stand beside them.

Words By: Riley Elliott

January 11, 2019 — PG intern