G.W.R. with Alisa Fessl

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Alisa is a young up-and-coming skateboarder from Austria. She's only 16, but already in her short career she's achieved over a dozen contest podium finishes, most of which she snagged the first place spot. In addition to having a passion for skateboarding, Alissa is currently going to school for art and takes her talent on a board to the mountains in the winter during the snowboarding season. Read on to get to know a little bit more about her and what pushes her to be her best! 

All photos - Charlotte Thomas

When did you start skateboarding? 

I started around 2 years ago when I was 14 years old. After my first ollies and drop-ins, I quickly realized that skateboarding was my passion.

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Do you have any idols? Who do you look up to?

I don´t really have an idol, but I do love girls with the same passion for skateboarding like me; they motivating me and I'm always trying to learn from them.

You´re young- just 16! What do you want to do in life? Do you have a specific goal you're working towards yet or just taking it all in?

My dream is it just to be happy, travel a lot, and to see loads of amazing spots in the world. It would be awesome to live one day in place, where it's always summer. So you could skate every day, whenever you like.

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That is the dream, we're down! Let us know when and where and we'll move there too.

What do you associate with “skateboarding”?

Nice sunsets, a lot of super cool and friendly people, adventures, and just a good feeling. Fun!

What's been your best moment on a skateboard so far?

My best moments on a skateboard are with friends, traveling to a certain spot and having fun together.
What are your favorite spots and how often are you skating?

I don´t really have a favorite spot, I like all places especially with bowls and halfpipes.
If it works with my school schedule, I try to be on the skateboard every day to improve my skills. But at least 4-5 times a week.
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Besides skateboarding, what else do you devote your time to?

Snowboarding in winter or wakeboarding in the summer.

What was the first real trick you remember learning?

My very first trick was an ollie; I think that's the same for most of the girls out there. I started by learning the basics like dropping in and then rock-to-fakie.
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Do you listen to music while you skate? 

I don´t listen to music while skating, because there´s no better sound in the world, than the noise of a skateboard on the street.
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And lastly- what are your top five must-have snacks for any day of Skateboarding?

Definitely chocolate, then fruits like an apple or a banana, and I really like rice crackers or nuts and smoothies.
We can't wait to see where Alisa takes her skateboarding! In a short time, she's already gotten so good. If you don't already, make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up on her skateboarding and travel, and also keep your eyes on us for more #forgirlswhoride features
May 04, 2018 — CS Team