Nikita Chikitas For The Tiniest Girls Who Ride

Kids these days - they have everything easy! From getting a smartphone before they can walk, to never knowing what it was like to trudge home uphill both ways in a blizzard - life as a little kid is plush.

And speaking of living the good life, we at Nikita are doing our part to keep these kiddos wrapped in the lap of luxury. Our signature Nikita Chikitas collection is made specifically for the tiniest girls who ride, for those little rippers close to your heart and closest to the ground (their falls are so much softer than us big kids' 😂).

When creating the Chikitas line, our designer Natalie spent some time thinking about what, as a mother, was important to her in her kids' outerwear. The conclusion she came to was that longevity was key and that the best kind of kid's outerwear is the kind that lasts for more than one season. Something she knew was always frustrating was how unintuitive and single-use the current 'extendable' offerings were for kids outerwear. With that as her inspiration, Natalie came up with the Grow-With-Us system. A completely unique technology that lets you extend the life of your kid's garment literally and figuratively with its adjustable sleeve lengths and pant legs.

When you first buy a Chikita jacket or pant you can have it at the shortest setting, then when that tyke grows (and they will grow, fast!) - flip the garment inside out, extend the Grow-With-Us system tab in the sleeves and pant legs, then flip back in and let your kid do the riding. When they've finally outgrown the jacket, you can shorten the sleeves and pant legs again to use as a hand me down to a younger sibling or gift to a friend. 

The next thing to do? Follow them down the mountain and watch them progress! 


January 16, 2020 — CS Team