Nikita Gives Back With Skate-Aid

Skateboarding Connects - Cooperation For A Good Purpose

NIKITA donates 100 Asio jackets to the non-profit organization Skate-Aid and supports children and teenagers in need.

The love for skateboarding connects not only NIKITA, a street and outerwear brand and Skate-Aid, but also kids all over the world. Skateboarding represents freedom and living - regardless of religion, nationality or skin color. In order to make this equality on a skateboard possible for all kids, Skate Aid has been involved in various aid projects in numerous countries. Now with the help of Nikita, the organization and brand are collaborating with an exclusive jacket style. The goal: to make the everyday life of kids in a difficult situation more beautiful.

Since its conception, NIKITA has brought style and rebellious confidence to girls from the streets to the mountains. Together with Skate Aid, they give self-worth and equality to all girls around the world. To strengthen this relationship, the brand provides 100 pieces of the popular Asio Jacket. The jacket can be purchased in the online shop of Skate-Aid - the proceeds go into skate projects and development aid all over the world. The poor and sick children in needs will be encouraged by skate lessons, contests and skate parks.

More information about development aid and projects of Skate-Aid can be found here:

December 13, 2018 — Amy Gonzales