Snow park shaping is a men’s thing? Not for these girls! In Obergurgl, you'll find the largest all-female shape crew in the Alps - the Diamond Girls Crew!

Headed up by park designer Lana Behla, the six-person crew is responsible for all the work that needs to be done within the Snowpark Obergurgl and in the Familypark for the past four years. They take care of the installation of the park features, maintenance and daily reshaping. The supervision of the funcross and the Audi quattro funslope in Obergurgl also falls within their area of ​​responsibility. In addition, Lana is one of the only women who gets behind the wheel of the snow groomer! 

So what does a day look like in a shaper's life? Lana answers, “The day is not differing from that of male shapers! We work just as hard as all other crews, regardless of whether it's a pure boys crew or mixed. You have to shovel either way, ”says Lana. "Perhaps the only difference is that we just look better on the mountain with our NIKITA Riding Hoodies," she laughs. But joking aside, the life of the Shaper Girls is, of course, not always easy. After all, women in “men's jobs” are often viewed much more critically or laughed at, and sometimes it takes longer to be taken seriously. But Lana's message is clear: “If you see that a woman does the job just as well, it really doesn't matter whether a man or a woman does the job. People just shouldn't be so brazen with such clichés. ”

With all the work on the mountain, of course, there is also some time for fun and action. You can find the whole crew of the Diamond Girls Crew with their snowboard enjoying their work, shredding all the kickers, boxes, tubes and rails. After all, that's exactly why you choose to be a shaper on the mountain!

If you want to learn more about the life of the Shaper Girls in Obergurgl, you can follow their daily business on Instagram (@diamondgirlscrew). All further information on the Snowpark Obergurgl can be found at

February 14, 2020 — CS Team