Welcome to the Nikita Team, Nora Beck!

We are so excited to announce the addition of Nora Beck to the growing Nikita Team! As a park powerhouse and streetstyle queen (emphasis on style), you've probably seen Nora's videos parts in films like Too Hard, Buddy Cam, or maybe you watched her compete (and win!) at rail jams and competitions like Hot Dawgs & Hand Rails, Dew Tour Streetstyle, Das Tables, or even SKOLF. If not, watch this real quick.  

She has the kind of effortless style that makes you think for a second that maybe you could try that back 180 she just did. And then you remember, it's Nora and she's not just sending it hard and fast but she's doing it with her own flair that's impossible to replicate.

Urban riding means Nora's no stranger to gnarly falls and you've probably seen a hard slam or two on her Instagram. Her uninhibited attitude about snowboarding carries into her humor, which means she's not afraid to laugh at herself and post videos of her slams and she's a hoot to hang out with on and off the slopes. 

Every season Nora's been getting more of the recognition she deserves and she just keeps on hucking it and honing her craft. We are beyond proud to have her on the team and stoked to see what she's cooking up this season. 

First of all, welcome to the team! Let’s start off with the basics. Where are you from and what was your home mountain growing up?
Thanks! Stoked to be a part :) I grew up in Virginia, and a little place called Wintergreen.

How did it influence your style and approach to snowboarding?
I feel like at those small resorts it’s so much easier to get bored so you really need to be able to entertain yourself. I can have so much fun on the flattest groomer sometimes it’s great.

You are known for your skills in the park, were there a lot of other girls riding park growing up?
Not really, the scene is especially small over there.

Who were/have been the biggest influences in your snowboarding career?
I’m not sure. I feel like everyone brings a little bit to the table and gives you a little click like “whoa I could do that!”

You recently competed in Hot Dawgs and HandRails at Big Bear and you got second place, congrats by the way! What’s your mentality going into rail jam competitions?
Thanks! I’m not very good at crowds and pressure like that so I try to distance
myself mentally as far away as I can. My mom always told me I had tunnel vision growing up so I try to tap into that lol.

HDHR is known as a pre-season invite-only rail jam. How do you feel an invitation to HDHR is different than an invitation to a competition like X Games?
Couldn’t compare the two, honestly. If I ever get an X Games invite I’ll let you know.

In general, do you feel like urban/streetstyle riding is gaining in popularity?
I hope so. It’d be sick to see all these girls killing it also filming parts.

Speaking of urban/streetstyle, you had a feature in the Too Hard movie last season, what was it like filming with the Too Hard girls?
Two years ago, yeah I spent some time with Kayli and Danyale and some other girls in the Midwest. It was a good time, definitely far from boring.

Can you (are you able to) tell us some of the events you’ll be at/projects you’ll be working on this season? Maybe more film parts?
Lips are sealed, but keep your eyes peeled.

Well we are stoked to have you on the team! Do you have a favorite piece from our line that you’ll be rocking this season?

If you want to keep up with Nora (and all her secret projects!) this season, follow her on Instagram: @snore.a!

December 11, 2019 — CS Team