About Us



Nikita was born with a few handmade items based out of Iceland in the late 1990s as an original female-specific brand in the male-dominated world of action sports, and has since become one of the most popular brands for action-seeking girls. Drawing its inspiration from the boardsports lifestyle, combined with an affinity for design, Nikita is well known for its unique perspective, and for connecting like-minded, spirited and creative girls across the world. Collections in streetwear, outerwear and swimwear provide this contrast of style and function—fit for purpose and made for girls, by girls.

COFFEE: ORIGINS. The Autumn/Winter Collection


Light. Black. Sweet. Iced. However, you like it, coffee is so much more than a cup of caffeine. For FW1617, we drew design inspiration from our favorite buzzy beverage, tracing it all the way back to its origin. We bet you didn´t know, coffee starts as a TREE. We celebrate the tree and the flower with original, all-over prints throughout the collection. The coffee cherry houses the bean. We pulled in pinks and reds to celebrate its ripening and rich color. From the cherry, the beans are harvested. Mesh textures offer a subtle pay in burlap, and we introduce an accessory micro collection with: “light” or “dark” options.

Finally! Put the brew to your lips and sip. Energy abounds with bursts of color complementing the cherry tones and basic black, to round the collection out with a diverse palette that pops.