Ari Morrone Street Edit 2020

Ari Morrone 2020 from Ari Morrone on Vimeo.

Despite a season cut short (blame COVID), team rider Ari Morrone was still able to stack some killer clips and drop a street edit. As a Pennsylvania native, this was Ari's first season residing in Tahoe and it's clear she's making the most of it. From exploring the streets of Quebec to getting creative in Tahoe with a new crew, Ari continues to progress, challenge herself, and have fun where ever she is. With that signature sweet Ari smile with a little extra spice in her style, it's clear that COVID can't stop this girl.

Check out this mini interview with the star herself: 

Out of all the spots you hit last season, what was your favorite? 

The Truckee T was my favorite spot. It was the first spot of the year, we had a great crew and it was really fun to mess around on!

When you are looking for street spots, is there anything specific you look for?

I’m always looking at everything, everywhere. Especially in Tahoe. You definitely have to think outside of the box here when finding street spots, I’m still getting used to that! Anywhere else I look for rails with a way to get speed.

Congrats on your move! How has the shift to riding in Tahoe from Pennsylvania been?

The shift has been interesting in such a crazy time, I feel like I didn’t get a true Tahoe winter yet because our riding was cut so short last year. I’m really enjoying riding in the sunny warm weather!

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Edit by: Nirvana Ortanez

Filmers: Gabe Marzillier

Christine Savage

Summer Fenton

Savannah Golden

Kieth Rutherford

Cooper Davidson

Dan Callahan

January 20, 2021 — Admin PG