Nikita Marketing Manager, Jenna Kuklinski, holding up the Lindan Jacket (left) & Sycamore Jacket (right); Photo: Mark Clavin, Snowboarder Magazine

The upside to staying home is that we all find ourselves with some extra time and lucky for us, Snowboarder Magazine decided to use their extra time to give people a sneak peek at some of the gear they are excited about for next season! And even better, they decided to feature us in their 2020/2021 Gear Preview: 

Below are words written by Mark Clavin, directly from the article: 

While the rest of this season is in limbo, or more realistically all but over, we thought we would drop some of the products that will be out next year for your enjoyment. So… enjoy! Remember to wash your hands before and after reading this, practice social distancing by sending this to a friend that is far away, and STAY THE HELL ON YOUR COUCH UNTIL OUR NEXT POST.


The Madrona One Piece is back and better than ever with the addition of a drop seat in the back (to make those bathroom breaks go smoother) and an added mediapocket for fast access to your phone on the slopes.

Check out Snowboarder Mag's full gear preview

Nikita Madrona One-Piece; Photo: Mark Clavin, Snowboarder Magazine 

Nikita ECO Evergreen Stretch Bibs; Photo: Mark Clavin, Snowboarder Magazine
April 02, 2020 — CS Team