B4BC Survivor Retreats 2019

Every year Boarding For Breast Cancer works the hardest they can at spreading awareness, education and information about breast cancer. They share information about self-testing, resources for those who need it or are looking for support and encourage females of all ages to keep up active and healthy lifestyles (who doesn't love that!)

In addition to all of this, each year B4BC hosts Survivor Retreats; events created for the sole purpose of providing a space for those who have faced breast cancer and overcome it. Survivors are brought out on a spring retreat where they enjoy classes in yoga, health and wellness all while surrounded by a group of their survivor peers.

A key part of these retreats is time spent on snow and Nikita had the privilege of again contributing outerwear to several of the survivors who attended the retreat. In both March and April the retreat-ees were treated to fresh snow, amazing company and a wonderful weekend. Check out a few of the highlights from the retreats below, give B4BC a follow or just a digital high-five to show them support and keep yours eyes peeled for more coming soon.

Images by Andy Wardrop and Kathleen Harris













May 29, 2019 — CS Team