Interview with Pro Skateboarder Amelia Brodka

Amelia Brodka Nikita

This interview with pro skateboarder Amelia Brodka originally appeared in the pages of our newest collection's catalog. Enjoy!

Amelia Brodka is a Polish-born skateboarder who moved to the U.S.A. with her family for what her parents told her was, a “summer vacation” when she was 8 years old. Amelia started skating in 2001 and has since had an extremely full and well-documented career. She’s not only claimed (and continues to claim) podiums for herself, but also found a way to give back to the female skate community along the way by founding the non-profit organization Exposure Skate. Currently residing in Southern California and enjoying the good life, Amelia splits her time between organizing all-female skate days and seeking out the best vert ramps and parks to skate for herself.

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What’s your favorite part about skateboarding?
My favorite part about skateboarding is the feeling you get when you overcome fear and self-doubt and finally roll away from a new trick.

What drew you to choose transition (vert and bowl) over street?
I skated mostly street when I lived on the East Coast but lost interest in jumping down stair sets when I moved to the land of abundant skateparks.

What are challenges you have faced or still face?
Challenges are constant but they are opportunities for growth.

Describe Exposure in two sentences or less
Exposure Skate is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that empowers women and girls through skateboarding.

How many events does Exposure put on every year?
Exposure runs one major event each year- the world’s largest women’s skateboarding event which features Pro and Am Vert, Bowl and Street competitions as well as skate clinics and a vendor village. Additionally, we run monthly Skate Rising youth events focused on community service and skateboarding as well as adult clinics and girls’ sessions.

What’s the best thing (to you) that’s come out of Exposure Skate?
I love seeing the global community of girls’ skateboarding come together to share their love for the sport. It’s such a treat seeing beginner, amateur and professional street, bowl and vert skateboarders from 15 different countries all in one place!