Elena Koenz: Combining Art & Snowboarding

In the short film "IL DAT ALB" (“the white cube”), Elena Könz shows us a creative approach to two of her passions – snowboarding and art. In collaboration with the ski resort Scuol / Motta Naluns, she had the opportunity to create her own park line, which she named the "Dragon Line". 

Photo: PeakFrames

Together in collaboration with the artist Rips1 (Linus von Moos), Elena painted the features for park line with different parts of a dragon (a recurrent animal form in Elena’s artwork). Making her own statement, Elena used only upcycled features from the ski resort. Thanks to the shapers at the snow park, they were able to find tires, wall rides, bins, the cube, and more. Check out the full line in the video below and watch Elena ride her dream. 

"To ride on my own art in the white cube of nature is a dream come true." -Elena Könez 

IL DAT ALB - Elena Koenz from Elena Koenz on Vimeo.

For more information @jibberleni

Presented by Engadin-Scuol-Zernez Tourismus and Bergbahnen Scuol AGFilm and Edit by PeakFrames GmbH peakframes.ch

Audio and Sounddesign by Brauereisound GmbH

Produced by Elena Könz elenakoenz.ch

Photo: PeakFrames


March 19, 2020 — CS Team