Slay Days 2020 Photo Recap

Girls Are Awesome Slay Days 2020 is a wrap! Four days of riding, yoga, art, skating, panel talks, movie screenings and GIRL POWER. We were so excited to be able to support this amazing event again and it was SO fun to be there!

Check out a recap blog from founder, Nick Bridges, on the Girls are Awesome website!

"Girls Are Awesome created Slay Days to introduce more women into freestyle ski and snowboard culture and spotlight the cultural elements around the sports we love, such as photography, art and music, pooling it together in a sort of mini-festival vibe with panel talks and dance-offs. Slay Days exists as a space for inspiration, support, falling, sharing and learning. We aim to leave with new friends and to solidify the friendships we have – and through our shared experiences – hopefully, navigate the madness which is planet Earth in an enriched and newly-informed way."

- Nick Bridges, Founder of Girls Are Awesome. 

Photos by Miriam Lottes 

March 19, 2020 — CS Team