Icelandic Sisters Unnur and Anna

You can't know where you're going unless you take some time to look back at where you've come from. 

That's how we met this rad sister duo of Unnur and Anna - two sisters from Iceland that caught our attention. They live in a nice small town called Kópavogur, which is next to the capital Reykjavic, our town of birth.

Both girls are addicted to snowboarding, gymnastics and windsurfing. They do almost everything together; going to the same school, have same friends and almost all hobbies in common.

We had the chance to sit down and talk a bit to the girls and ask them about life in Iceland. 

How do you feel about Iceland, your home country?

Unnur: I love my town and my country. I love the freedom in Iceland and the bright summer nights.  I love that I can stay out till the night in the summer and I love that I can snowboard in the winter.

Anna: Yes I love my town and my country.  I love going to the north of Iceland in the winter.  That’s where the best snowboarding is.

What, to you, is special about living in Iceland?

Unnur: I think for kids and teens it’s the freedom.  I have met kids in Europe, and it seems like they don’t have as much freedom. Iceland is very quiet and calm place to live in, I think.

Anna: Iceland is very different from other countries. Very dark days in the winter and sunny nights in the summer.  The winters can get very crazy, but that is usually just means cozy times, because then the schools close and we can stay home.

What´s your favorite thing to do in Iceland? What should a tourist do in Iceland when they come to visit?

Unnur: My favorite thing to do here is snowboarding and mountain biking and wall climbing, and I also love going to gymnastics practice.  Besides the classic outback nature viewing and tracking a tourist should probably go to the swimming pools. That is the only thing that is guaranteed all year round.  Most Icelanders go to the outdoor swimming pools regularly, in all weathers. And the weather can get very bad here. The worse the weather is the cozier the pools get.

Anna: My favorite thing to do here is snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, swimming and going to gymnastics practice. 

Tourist should go to the highlands in the middle of Iceland.  Very beautiful and nice to track or bike.  And they should bring swimsuits to bathe in hot rivers. If they are staying in the city or any town, they can also go swimming in the swimming pools. That’s what Icelanders do regularly all year round.

October 10, 2019 — CS Team