Summer Fenton Snowboarding In India Edit

Summer Fenton Snowboarding In India Edit

Last year, Summer Fenton took a trip to snowboard in a place that rarely comes to mind when you think of winter - India. With slopes (nearly) all to herself and her crew, Summer found new terrain both in bounds and out to ride and made time to connect with the local culture all around her.

Watch the full edit below and let us know what you think! Should you book your next winter getaway to India too?    



Also - in case you missed it, Summer sent us a recap of what the trip was like last season. To get more insight on this otherworldly adventure, go read it now!





Our friends over at Strawberry Shop Berlin are celebrating their 25th Anniversary of being in business with a photo exhibit of their most recent group snow trip - to Alaska! Read on to hear from Strawberry owner Juliane about how their trip went and where to find them to see the full photo exhibit in person.

My name is Juliane and I am the owner of Strawberry – a cool girl fashion store in the middle of Berlin which exists since 1995. I am organizing snowboard trips for girls only since the very beginning of the shop. We´re always trying to go to special spots like Hawaii Big Island, Sierra Nevada Spain, Saarisälkä Finnland, Oppdal Norway or Stryn,… so far, there was only missing Alaska!

No sooner said than done, our last trip beginnings of the year was to Alaska. We´ve been together with a professional photographer team called Cameraworkers.

Alaskan people are very crazy, but super friendly at the same time. At 23 Fahrenheit, all of them are wearing shorts and flip flops. It´s kind of a hot day for them. They are always looking for party, but on the other hand due to their roots, they are very close to nature.

This is understandable since the nature and the views on the top of the mountains are just amazing. If the weather is good, you can see the ocean while boarding. And at our arrival we´ve seen two reindeers in front of a house. Unfortunately, we haven´t seen any bears, but they told us that there is a bunch out there – maybe next time.

Regarding the snow, I am actually speechless. It was just incredible. The snow feels different, I am pretty sure because it´s so close to the sea and the clouds are snowing immediately. Furthermore it was snowing the whole time giant snowflakes. Every morning between 7 and 10 am they had to blow up avalanches. The idea behind the trip was actually doing some shots while Heliskiing, but it was impossible due to the heavy snow falls. The helicopter couldn´t event start. Therefore we had to search our own slopes on the hills and we were riding a lot on the slopes. Riding in Alaska is at a high level – they have so many black slopes for advanced riders. We (and you) definitely have to go snowboarding or skiing in Alaska (once again).

Convince yourself and check out our upcoming event on December 7th. We´re going to do a special photo exhibition and celebrate our 25th anniversary. Please feel free to join us for some hot wine and cookies. Furthermore, there will be the option to buy some of the shots of Alaska – (Do you still need a Christmas present?) and a photo shooting to win from Cameraworkers. We´re looking forward to seeing you!

Facebook Event:


Icelandic Sisters Unnur and Anna

Icelandic Sisters Unnur and Anna

You can't know where you're going unless you take some time to look back at where you've come from. 

That's how we met this rad sister duo of Unnur and Anna - two sisters from Iceland that caught our attention. They live in a nice small town called Kópavogur, which is next to the capital Reykjavic, our town of birth.

Both girls are addicted to snowboarding, gymnastics and windsurfing. They do almost everything together; going to the same school, have same friends and almost all hobbies in common.

We had the chance to sit down and talk a bit to the girls and ask them about life in Iceland. 

How do you feel about Iceland, your home country?

Unnur: I love my town and my country. I love the freedom in Iceland and the bright summer nights.  I love that I can stay out till the night in the summer and I love that I can snowboard in the winter.

Anna: Yes I love my town and my country.  I love going to the north of Iceland in the winter.  That’s where the best snowboarding is.

What, to you, is special about living in Iceland?

Unnur: I think for kids and teens it’s the freedom.  I have met kids in Europe, and it seems like they don’t have as much freedom. Iceland is very quiet and calm place to live in, I think.

Anna: Iceland is very different from other countries. Very dark days in the winter and sunny nights in the summer.  The winters can get very crazy, but that is usually just means cozy times, because then the schools close and we can stay home.

What´s your favorite thing to do in Iceland? What should a tourist do in Iceland when they come to visit?

Unnur: My favorite thing to do here is snowboarding and mountain biking and wall climbing, and I also love going to gymnastics practice.  Besides the classic outback nature viewing and tracking a tourist should probably go to the swimming pools. That is the only thing that is guaranteed all year round.  Most Icelanders go to the outdoor swimming pools regularly, in all weathers. And the weather can get very bad here. The worse the weather is the cozier the pools get.

Anna: My favorite thing to do here is snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, swimming and going to gymnastics practice. 

Tourist should go to the highlands in the middle of Iceland.  Very beautiful and nice to track or bike.  And they should bring swimsuits to bathe in hot rivers. If they are staying in the city or any town, they can also go swimming in the swimming pools. That’s what Icelanders do regularly all year round.

Suck My Trucks 2019

Suck My Trucks 2019

On 22nd June, the eighth Suck My Trucks (SMT) event, the ever growing women’s skateboard contest, took place. This year it was a part of the “Mellow Jam” music & culture festival with good music and yummy Food! About 200 people came over and enjoyed the contest.

Of course, Nikita was there for girls who ride and sponsored the popular Spot Tour which was held one day before the main event at the Global Go Skateboarding Day. About 35 girls participated in the tour. 

And thanks to Sarah de Laet, our Belgian Nikita Rider, who gave everything for the tour and spread a positive vibe all the time, the atmosphere during the tour was great.

The next day began the contests: a street session, a mini ramp challenge, the street race was one day afterwards. 13 girls competed in the street session and Aldana Bertran from Argentina won the competition. In the mini ramp challenge, our Nikita Ambassador Alissa Fessl from Austria took the first place. The 9-year-old girl, Roxana Howlett from UK, won the 2nd place.

Take a look for yourself and see just how fun the Suck My Trucks 2019 Contest and the Nikita Spot Tour Event were this year! 

SMT x Nikita 2019

SMT x Nikita 2019

SMT x Nikita 2019SMT x Nikita 2019

SMT x Nikita 2019

Snapshot On the Road with Alissa Fessl

Snapshot On the Road with Alissa Fessl

Our team riders and members of the Nikita Nation are always on the move and discovering new places, parks and people. There's no way we can capture the entire view of what that's like and how they get to experience ever day, but we want to help share what they see and where they are with you so you can get to know them a little better.

So, without further ado- here's our first installation of a Snapshot look into where our team is and what they're doing. 

Today we caught up with European Skateboarder Alissa Fessl

Where are you right now?

In Copenhagen, Dänmark

What do you see directly in front of you (not your phone)?

My friend Karin ;) (the one we did the shooting last year with)

What do you see when you look out the closest window?

There are no windows in the skatepark. 😎

How many new people have you met in the last 24hrs?

A lot of people in the Skatepark. 

Where’s the last place you [skated/rode/adventured] and what was your favorite thing about it?

 I have been to the super amazing Fælledparken in Dänmark and we skated some cool streetspots there as well! I think the coolest thing in this park is the Vert Ramp, because it is super easy to ride it. 


Interview with Pro Skateboarder Amelia Brodka

Interview with Pro Skateboarder Amelia Brodka

Amelia Brodka Nikita

This interview with pro skateboarder Amelia Brodka originally appeared in the pages of our newest collection's catalog. Enjoy!

Amelia Brodka is a Polish-born skateboarder who moved to the U.S.A. with her family for what her parents told her was, a “summer vacation” when she was 8 years old. Amelia started skating in 2001 and has since had an extremely full and well-documented career. She’s not only claimed (and continues to claim) podiums for herself, but also found a way to give back to the female skate community along the way by founding the non-profit organization Exposure Skate. Currently residing in Southern California and enjoying the good life, Amelia splits her time between organizing all-female skate days and seeking out the best vert ramps and parks to skate for herself.

Amelia Brodka Nikita Clothing

What’s your favorite part about skateboarding?
My favorite part about skateboarding is the feeling you get when you overcome fear and self-doubt and finally roll away from a new trick.

What drew you to choose transition (vert and bowl) over street?
I skated mostly street when I lived on the East Coast but lost interest in jumping down stair sets when I moved to the land of abundant skateparks.

What are challenges you have faced or still face?
Challenges are constant but they are opportunities for growth.

Describe Exposure in two sentences or less
Exposure Skate is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that empowers women and girls through skateboarding.

How many events does Exposure put on every year?
Exposure runs one major event each year- the world’s largest women’s skateboarding event which features Pro and Am Vert, Bowl and Street competitions as well as skate clinics and a vendor village. Additionally, we run monthly Skate Rising youth events focused on community service and skateboarding as well as adult clinics and girls’ sessions.

What’s the best thing (to you) that’s come out of Exposure Skate?
I love seeing the global community of girls’ skateboarding come together to share their love for the sport. It’s such a treat seeing beginner, amateur and professional street, bowl and vert skateboarders from 15 different countries all in one place!

Outside TV Campfire Contest Amelia Brodka

Outside TV Campfire Contest Amelia Brodka

We here at NIKITA are excited to announce that our team rider Amelia Brodka is Outiside TV's Campfire featured athlete of the month! Gather up your videos and stories of you and your fellow Outsiders, upload them to the Outside TV Campfire App and your social media you get entered to win tons of gear from Amelia's sponsors.

Excited? So are we- to find out more about the contest details and what's going on during the month, press play on the video below and watch Amelia explain it all.



Ms. Superpark Day 3 Snowboarder Recap

Ms. Superpark Day 3 Snowboarder Recap

Day 3, the day that, this year, is boasting the famous sunrise shoot for Ms. Superpark 2019 at Big Boulder in Pennsylvania. When we say the girls were riding from sun up to sun down, we aren't kidding. Everyone roused themselves from their beds around 5am and shuffled their way to the slowly turning lifts for a first light session on the hill.

If you followed our Marketing Manager Jenna Kuklinski's takeover of the story during the shoot, you know a lot of the major highlights from the morning, but the Snowboarder Mag staff recap the morning shoot and more in their Day 3 photo recap of Ms. Superpark. See excerpts from the write-up below or head to for the full piece and more photos.

Ms. Superpark Sunrise Shoot Snowboarder Magazine

Photo - Mark Clavin

Words - Snowboarder Magazine Staff

Pardon any grammatical errors, this recap is being written after literally riding from sunup to sundown. That being said… wowo wat A grate dae itwas. Just kidding. We pride ourselves on grammar and punctuation here. That is why the SNOWBOARDER crew arrived on hill at 6:37am this morning after a group text went out promptly telling everyone to be ready by 6:30am. Alas our tardiness for the sunrise shoot and current sleep-deprived state to Google a better adjective, we will sum it up by just saying the morning session was lit. Huge thanks to Stefi Luxton, Nora Beck, Ari Morrone, Madison Blackley, Desiree Melancon, Jill Perkins, Nirvana Ortanez, Taylor Elliot and the rest of the riders for making the first sunrise shoot of Ms Superpark a success! Featuring the mesh wall ride that once resided at the DC Mountain Lab, 20+ ladies planted, slid, and stalled in and out of golden light until it was time for breakfast.

Taylor Elliott Ms. Superpark Snowboarder Magazine Nikita Clothing

Rider - Taylor Elliott, Photo - Mary Walsh

After some coffee, it was straight to the hip up on Boulder Park run. Ty Schnorrbusch set the line and started off the session, with plenty of ladies in tow. Katie Kennedy lofted up some airs, Kailey and Ashley Bogart lapped through, and Stefi Luxton showed everyone exactly what a proper hip hit looks like. Emma Crosby joined in to warm up her legs, but everyone knew she had her eyes set on a different feature—the untouched step-down jump with a cat parked on the deck. It didn’t take long before a small crew hiked to the backside of the hip to start checking speed.

Emma Crosby Ms. Superpark Snowboarder Magazine Nikita Clothing

Rider - Emma Crosby, photo - Mike Yoshida

Once again dropping first, Ty Schnorrbusch went HUGE on the feature, stoking out the crowd. Next up, Emma Crosby borrowed Jess Kimura’s helmet and sent a few over the lip. Nelly Steinhoff joined in and in between wind bursts, pulled a solid method for the photogs on the deck. After both Nelly and Ty went down on the landing—sadly taking them out of the session, Emma charged on by herself and spun a few massive front threes, earning the respect of her peers and probably plenty of beers tonight. Crosby received a huge cheers as she walked into the lodge, even getting Jess Kimura to say, "That is the highest my helmet has ever been."

Read the rest, including an exclusive interview with Jess Kimura, on!



Ms. Superpark Days 1 & 2 Snowboarder Recaps

Ms. Superpark Days 1 & 2 Snowboarder Recaps

If you've been following our feed, you'll have been staying up to date with the latest happenings on hill at Big Boulder for Ms. Superpark. What the feed doesn't always give you a beautiful laid-out space where you can appreciated all of the images that are coming out of the long days of riding.

Snowboarder Mag does an amazing job at capturing the moments and the vibes of what it's like to be on hill with nearly 100 ripping female riders. We won't try to out-do the pros here, so check out these excerpts from the Snowboarder Mag photo recaps from Day 1 and Day 2 and if you like this sampling, be sure to go read the full pieces on their site here

Taylor Elliott Mary Walsh Snowboarder Mag

Day 1 -

Words - Mary Walsh

"True to form of snowboarders in general, female riders especially have always been hell bent on making it happen, whether "it" is a movie project, video part, snow chasing road trip, or grassroots event—and when Ms. emerged as a way to come together for a week of park laps, the stoked was high. Over the past few seasons, women have gathered at only a few events designed specifically for them, Snowboy Productions' IT'S TITS! at Boreal, Kimmy Fasani's Amusement MTN, Nine Queens, and park camps, backcountry clinics, and ride weeks around the world. There was momentum and anticipation to add Ms. Superpark back into the fray as another opportunity for the community to come together, rider together, and push one another to showcase the creativity and talent within the collective group...

Nora Beck Mike Yoshida Snowboarder Mag

Far on rider's left, Boulder's Freedom park is a haven for jibbers. It's loaded with different features and it was the first place that crew of ladies started warming up and throwing down. The Rude Girls arrived all the way from Banff and started getting clips on the rails. Maria Thomsen immediately started putting on a clinic and Jenaya Jenkins, Lexi Rolland, Taylor Elliot, Taylor Davis, Savannah Shinske and more went from 0 to 60 right away. Soon the minipipe was being lapped, as Desiree and Bridges went plant-for-plant in the perfectly-cut pipe. A loaded crew including Savannah Golden, Nelly Steinhoff, Summer Fenton, Alice Gong, Kelsey Boyer, Christine Savage, and were hotlapping side hits and the minipipe...

Desiree Melancon Mark Clavin Snowboarder Mag

Over on the rider's right side of Boulder, Madison Blackley was casually charging as soon as the lifts started to turn. The Salt Lake Native is best known for her tenacity in the streets, but she has heavy jumping chops, as well. Just before lunchtime, when the Boulder park crew had put the finishing touches on the Ms. Lane in Boulder Park and the sun had softened the snow just enough, Mads kicked off the first session of Ms. on the hi. Setting the line with her was Desiree Melancon, who was sending methods high over the horizon. Nelly Steinhoff, Emma Crosby, Kailey Bogart, Ty Schnorrbusch, and more were warming up for the week with a serious hip session."

Day 2 - 

Words - Mary Walsh

Ari Morrone Mike Yoshida Snowboarder Mag

"If day one didn’t convince you already, maybe the day 2 recap will—5 years was way too long of a wait for Ms. Superpark to be back on hill! Tricks are being thrown down all over the hill, NBDs are in the air, and lucky for us, the handful of veterans and huge crew of up-and-comers here at Big Boulder are more than up to the task of pushing the limit of what was set a demi-decade ago...

Savannah Shinske Mark Clavin Snowboarder Mag

Midway down the Boulder Park trail, side-by-side quarters were the site of a big day two session. Handplants, airs, liptricks and tranny finders were all fair game as the new arrivals (Stefi, Nirvana, Jill, and Jess) pointed it into the rider's right wall alongside Kelsey Boyer, Emma Crosby, Cori Stevenson, Summer Fenton, and more. Laura Rogoski and Christine Savage were dropping in for doubles. Savannah Golden was initiating surfy tranny finders. Stefi and Jess opened up the rider's right wall with proper handplants. The quick-dropping, consistent-stomping session not only offered plenty of fodder for the upcoming day 2 video, but also catalyzed trick-learning. Madison Blackley was dialing in McTwists. Jill Perkins and Maria Thomsen were learning handplants for the first time. Luminaries, veterans, and up-and-comers rode alongside one another and each trick that was landed launched a subsequent idea or variation.

Stefi Luxton Mary Walsh Snowboarder Mag

[Jess Kimura], you have been a part of seminal projects that are devoted to women's snowboarding, most recently The Uninvited. Why do you feel that women's-specific projects, whether movies, events, etc. are important in snowboarding?
I think it's important just to get to know the whole community of all the girls. These events are super essential for supporting and feeding off each other. Today I was at the quarterpipe and I was learning handplants just from looking at all the other girls and getting so much inspiration. I think it's just super important that we all get together, inspire each other, and support each other because I think that's when we evolve the best. It's just dope to see all the girls kill it and that makes you want to step it up."

To read the rest of the articles and catch up on everything else Ms. Superpark, head over to now. Thanks again to Big Boulder Park for building the parks and hosting and to Monster Energy for coming in on supporting the girls and women out there riding all week.  


G.W.R. at Big Boulder - Last Winter Stop!

G.W.R. at Big Boulder - Last Winter Stop!

Hello one and all!

Gather around, because we've got some important news here- the final (! 😢 it's ok, don't cry), stop for our North American G.W.R. winter series is coming up quick and it's going to be one you definitely can't miss. We'll be at Ari Morrone's home mountain, Big Boulder park at Jack Frost resort, throwing down with both snowboarders and skiers!

You can expect tons of prizes, giveaways and possibly even some $$$  (👀🔥🍞)! given away to girls and ladies who land their best tricks.

What's more? If you pre-register using the form below and show up as one of the first 40 people to check in, you'll get a FREE, limited edition Nikita Fanny Pack (waht! Yes.). Seriously, you don't want to miss out on this.

Sign up now and we'll see you March 9th at Big Boulder resort for the best day of your winter!





G.W.R Rude Girls Recap

G.W.R Rude Girls Recap

Boardsliding into the G.W.R Rude Girls Recap Like......

On Jan 26th the second annual G.W.R. by Nikita Clothing hosted at Sunshine Village with Rude Girls went down.

Wow, what an amazing turnout. If you were at Sunshine Village the photos are up, please go tag yourself tag your friends. And if you weren't there get inspired by all these lovely ladies and go ride!

When I say Rude Girls y'all say YEAHH. Check out all these boarder babes. Who else wants to do a female shred day every day?

Can't wait to see you all next time coming in live from Nikita Clothing featuring Girls Who Ride.

Words By. Riley Elliott

G.W.R. with Empire at Bromont Resort

G.W.R. with Empire at Bromont Resort



G.W.R. Nikita Clothing Empire Shops Bromont Resort

We are gearing up with Empire Shops and getting all the goods ready to travel from west to east. In just over two weeks we'll be partnering with Empire to kick off our latest G.W.R., this time at Bromont Resort in Quebec. Nikita is bringing our signature series to the Nuit Blanche where you can expect to find not just an awesome progressions session and late-night jam (with tons of prizing to be given away!) but also a tent village with free snowboard demos, fires and more.
Stop into your local Empire shop to get more info, sign up and check out their selection of snow-weather goods if your kit needs a refresh.

G.W.R. Nikita Clothing Event

Registration starts at 5pm on Feb 16th at Bromont resort and the G.W.R. event goes from 6 - 9pm (though lifts will be running until 2am)!
As always- if you can't catch it in person, we'll be running all of the action through our social channels and you can find all of the highlights as they happen on our instagram @nikitaclothing 

G.W.R. Nikita Clothing Event