Ms. Superpark Day 3 Snowboarder Recap

Day 3, the day that, this year, is boasting the famous sunrise shoot for Ms. Superpark 2019 at Big Boulder in Pennsylvania. When we say the girls were riding from sun up to sun down, we aren't kidding. Everyone roused themselves from their beds around 5am and shuffled their way to the slowly turning lifts for a first light session on the hill.

If you followed our Marketing Manager Jenna Kuklinski's takeover of the story during the shoot, you know a lot of the major highlights from the morning, but the Snowboarder Mag staff recap the morning shoot and more in their Day 3 photo recap of Ms. Superpark. See excerpts from the write-up below or head to for the full piece and more photos.

Ms. Superpark Sunrise Shoot Snowboarder Magazine

Photo - Mark Clavin

Words - Snowboarder Magazine Staff

Pardon any grammatical errors, this recap is being written after literally riding from sunup to sundown. That being said… wowo wat A grate dae itwas. Just kidding. We pride ourselves on grammar and punctuation here. That is why the SNOWBOARDER crew arrived on hill at 6:37am this morning after a group text went out promptly telling everyone to be ready by 6:30am. Alas our tardiness for the sunrise shoot and current sleep-deprived state to Google a better adjective, we will sum it up by just saying the morning session was lit. Huge thanks to Stefi Luxton, Nora Beck, Ari Morrone, Madison Blackley, Desiree Melancon, Jill Perkins, Nirvana Ortanez, Taylor Elliot and the rest of the riders for making the first sunrise shoot of Ms Superpark a success! Featuring the mesh wall ride that once resided at the DC Mountain Lab, 20+ ladies planted, slid, and stalled in and out of golden light until it was time for breakfast.

Taylor Elliott Ms. Superpark Snowboarder Magazine Nikita Clothing

Rider - Taylor Elliott, Photo - Mary Walsh

After some coffee, it was straight to the hip up on Boulder Park run. Ty Schnorrbusch set the line and started off the session, with plenty of ladies in tow. Katie Kennedy lofted up some airs, Kailey and Ashley Bogart lapped through, and Stefi Luxton showed everyone exactly what a proper hip hit looks like. Emma Crosby joined in to warm up her legs, but everyone knew she had her eyes set on a different feature—the untouched step-down jump with a cat parked on the deck. It didn’t take long before a small crew hiked to the backside of the hip to start checking speed.

Emma Crosby Ms. Superpark Snowboarder Magazine Nikita Clothing

Rider - Emma Crosby, photo - Mike Yoshida

Once again dropping first, Ty Schnorrbusch went HUGE on the feature, stoking out the crowd. Next up, Emma Crosby borrowed Jess Kimura’s helmet and sent a few over the lip. Nelly Steinhoff joined in and in between wind bursts, pulled a solid method for the photogs on the deck. After both Nelly and Ty went down on the landing—sadly taking them out of the session, Emma charged on by herself and spun a few massive front threes, earning the respect of her peers and probably plenty of beers tonight. Crosby received a huge cheers as she walked into the lodge, even getting Jess Kimura to say, "That is the highest my helmet has ever been."

Read the rest, including an exclusive interview with Jess Kimura, on!



March 17, 2019 — Nikita Clothing