Lee K G.W.R. by Nikita March Playlist

With a personal style we love, and an energy to her sets we can't ignore, Lee K was our undeniable pick to curate this month's G.W.R. by Nikita playlist.

“For me, techno has a lot of energy, and even though it doesn’t have lyrics, to me, it has a lot of soul. It’s dark and hits a certain place in me.”

Lee K DJ

San Diego based, international techno DJ @lee_k_ first discovered her love for techno music after listening to ambient 90’s house bands like #AphexTwin and #TheProdigy.

Lee K is a San Diego based DJ, who spends most of her time traveling the globe (currently in Berlin) to play festivals and other music events or in a studio. She started experimenting with turntables while in Los Angeles for college, and even though many artists flock to the city for newfound opportunities, she opted to return to San Diego’s calmer scene. “L.A. can be very distracting,” she says. “I feel like being in North County really lets me decompress when I’m home, and then I can go out on the road.” Quote via @sdcitybeat

Whether you're gearing up to let loose or settling in to blow off steam, this playlist by Lee K will be your perfect companion throughout the weekend and through the week. Scroll down and push Play.


March 09, 2018 — Nikita Clothing