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Summer Fenton's Snowboarding Trip to India

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Summer Fenton Nikita Clothing India

With a 5 days notice, 24hr of just flight time over and a desire to explore somewhere new and unique Summer Fenton made it to India where she got to ride powder in Gulmarg (western part of the Himalayas), enjoy a Shikara boat ride on Dal Lake and visit the 7th wonder of the world Taj Mahal. 

Summer Fenton Nikita Clothing India

Kashmir, India,
I don’t even know where to begin. Do i start with that in the first 30 minutes of the trip where Grant gets hit by a car and Ryan and I find him motionless in the middle of the main road? Or that after he got hit, we lost our driver and random local men got in our car and quickly drove us to the hospital so G could get 13 stitches on the back of his head from a doctor who looked like he was part of a metal rock band?

Summer Fenton Nikita Clothing India

Or how the mountains of Gulmarg (western part of the Himalayas) are huge and beautiful and that we were one of the 6 people riding untouched lines and epic pow all day?

Or that on our walk to the hotel we pass through a forest of monkeys? Or that kah wah tea is now one of my favorites? Or that the local people treat us as their own and promote world peace? Or that we ate curry for almost every meal? Or that even though there were a ton of obstacles and expired food we still had an amazing time?

Summer Fenton Nikita Clothing India

After spending all of my time snowboarding in the Himalayas, I couldn’t leave India without seeing the Taj Mahal ✨🇮🇳 Also a bird pooped on me here.

I've never seen a boat like this before so when i asked what type it was they said “Shikara” and i said oh like the singer? But then I realized the singers name is Shakira and that I’ve been rambling for too long on this post about me mixing up the names between the boat and the singer. Anyways shout out to a comfy ride on Dal Lake ✨🛶✌🏽

Summer Fenton Nikita Clothing India

All in all this trip was unlike anywhere I’ve ever traveled and I’m extremely grateful for the mountains we got to ride and the many kind people we’ve met along the way. Till next time✌🏽💕

Summer Fenton Nikita Clothing India






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