Relive Dew Tour 2020 From the Comfort of Your Couch

We don't know about you, but we've been spending a lot more time this past week reliving life winter by scrolling through photo galleries on our phones. With most everything else in life on pause, we thought it a great time to dig up the most recent recaps from our events this past winter and share them again with you all - along with a few bonus shots we didn't get out to you yet!

Who can forget Dew Tour from this year out in Copper, Colorado? After changing the dates from the previous Dew, we had to wait almost a full year before we got to host our second annual G.W.R. Streetstyle event and we can tell you - that build in anticipation only amplified the excitement we had going into this event!

Rider: Nadia Gonzales, Photo: Dew Tour 

For the second year in a row, we got to see skiers and snowboarders go head-to-head in competitions for cash on the Dew Tour Streetstyle course. New for this winter was Dew Tour's Pro Women's Streetstyle event (can we get a 🙌!!) and the G.W.R. event featured amazing up-and-coming AM riders hungry for some cash prizes and a place on the podium.

Rider: Ari Morrone, Photo: Dew Tour

With a full-on blizzard coming in and dropping two feet of snow on Copper the day before the event (not kidding), the Woodward park crew outdid themselves in prepping the Streetstyle Course for the girls to compete on Saturday morning - and compete they did! With trick after trick being thrown - like backflip attempts off the pole jam by Lauren Derminio, a frontside 450 on the diamond rail by Nadia Gonzales, rail to rail transfers and nosepresses through kink rails by Ari Morrone and more than one impressive bail, the AM ladies of the competition showed up.

After the two 40 minute jams wrapped up, the judges deliberated over everything they'd seen (and it was a lot to take in). On the line was not only the claim to a podium spot in the G.W.R. event but the first place snowboarder and both the first and second-placed skiers would win themselves a spot to compete later that evening in the Pro Women's Streetstyle event!

Ski Podium

1.    Nadia Gonzales
2.    Land Le Coq
3.    Darby Pappas

Snowboard Podium 

1.    Ruby Peyton
2.    Kaleah Opal Driscoll
3.    Ari Morrone 

Riders (left to right): Ari Morrone, Ruby Peyton, Kaleah Opal Driscoll; Photo: Dew Tour

In true form fashion, the riders in each division congratulated each other on their riding and hugs went around between the competitors, their friends and family who'd come out to watch and support them through the day. Tired but satisfied, it was all smiles as the second annual G.W.R. Girls AM Streetstyle event wrapped up at Dew Tour 2020.

Riders (left to right): Darby Pappas, Nadia Gonzales, Land Le Coq; Photo: Dew Tour

Congratulations again to all of the riders who competed and a huge thank you to everyone who showed up in person or checked in online to cheer on the riders.

Click the videos below to watch the recaps that came straight from Dew! 

March 30, 2020 — CS Team