Nikita Clothing #forgirlswhoride with Jules Lorenzo

Nikita Clothing #forgirlswhoride with Jules Lorenzo

Nikita Clothing Jules Skateboard

With a love of skateboarding and a group of friends who feels the same, Jules has been exploring all of the concrete transition that NYC has to offer her since her move to Florida. Her attitude is cool, calm and collected, with just the right amount of bite. Read on to get to know more about Jules Lorenzo in New York City.

Thanks for taking us to check out your local park in NYC! All of the other skaters there were so friendly & supportive. How often do you hit up that spot?

I’ve always loved the vibe at Chelsea, everyone there is usually very chill and nice. Inbetween school and work, I try to head out there once or twice a week. Years ago I came across the park by searching for vert/transition skate parks online when I moved to NYC. Pier 62 was very convenient for me since it was right in the city and easy for me to get to.

You mentioned that you've been working on your carving (and it looks great!)- do you have any tips for other girls looking to drop in for the first time? When did you start?

Thank you! Whenever I hear that someone is getting into vert/transition skating and is working on dropping in, I tell them to start small and build up as you go along. Always be committed to what you’re doing because if you try to half-ass a trick or dropping in, you’re most likely going to get hurt. A HUGE part of skating is commitment and confidence. Also, once you can drop into one ramp, you can drop into all of them, you’ll just have to stomp down a little harder depending on how steep the ramp may be. I first started skating when I was 11 years old and I really started getting into riding bowls and carving when I was 12 and 13. It’s taken me years since then to properly figure out how to pump my legs and gain speed so I can carve around the way I do now. My next goals are to solidly get my rock and rolls and my 5-0 grind in the bowl. 

Nikita Clothing Jules Skateboard

What is your board set up right now? 

For the past couple months, I’ve been using a Palace deck, Independent trucks, Reds bearings and Bones wheels. I’m particular about the size of my board since I usually ride 8.25” decks. Also, I prefer to ride either Venture or Independent trucks.  

How long have you been skating and how does NYC compare to your hometown in Floria? Did you have friends to ride with there too? When did you first link up with The Skate Kitchen?

I’ve been skating for about 8 years now! One of the biggest differences between NYC and Florida is the types of parks they have. Florida isn’t nearly as condensed as NYC is, which allows for a lot of huge vert/transition parks to exist there. However, since Florida is a lot flatter, a lot of my street skating skills suffered since there wasn’t much for me to do down there. When I moved up to NY, you could street skate literally anywhere. Thankfully I found a couple vert parks up here to ride, but I’ve been trying to dip into some street skating as well. My next-door neighbor down in Florida was the one who got me into skating, so we’d usually all head out to the skate park together. While I was down there, my dad built a double sided ramp in my backyard which was 8ft on one side and 6ft on the other with an 8 ½ft box on the 6ft side. It also had a spine and a pyramid in the middle of it. I used to spend most of my days riding that when I couldn’t get out to the park. In regards to the skate kitchen, most of us knew each other previously before we became a crew, whether it was through school or skateboarding. We all came together for Crystal Moselle’s Miu Miu short film last year and thus The Skate Kitchen was born. 

Jules Nikita Clothing

How often do you ride with your whole crew, or is it pretty hard to get everyone together at the same time? Do you have any words of advice to other girls looking for more girl friends to ride with?

I don’t always get to ride with my crew as often as I’d like to, especially since we all have our own crazy schedules that we’re trying to keep up with. Lately we’ve been trying to hold girl shred sessions where we just invite a ton of girls to a park and skate there together. As I previously mentioned, we all came together last year and ended up sticking with each other since then. I advise girls to either head to their local skate parks to try and find other girls or connect with other girls through Instagram! I’m so happy to see that there are girl skaters everywhere!

Jules Nikita Clothing New York

What else do you spend your time on? Any passion projects?

I’m attending The New School right now and I’m majoring in Screen Studies! I really want to get into film for directing and screenwriting, especially since I’ve always loved the art of telling stories. I’ve been working on a screenplay for a little while now so hopefully I’ll get to do something with that soon. 

NYC is such a creative city- what are some of your favorite places to go for inspiration?

I usually love going to the parks in NYC since something is usually always happening there. Washington Square Park and Union Square are great for people watching, you’ll see hundreds of different characters. Some of my favorite NYC-based artists include Princess Nokia and Tommy Revenge. They're both on the come up right now and their music always gets me pumped up whether I'm skating or getting ready to leave the house. 

Do you plan to travel at all before the end of the year? Will you make it up to Vermont for snowboarding? Who would go with you - your sister? And how do you even get there from NYC?! Lol (how far is it?)

It's funny because I was actually planning a trip to go snowboarding in Vermont this winter! I'd go with my sister, my boyfriend and a couple friends. Last time I went out there with my family, we drove and it took about 5 hours. 

Jules Nikita Clothing Skateboard

Tell us a bit about that killer playlist you made. Are you into a particular genre? How do you find out about new music?

These are a collection of songs which help to put me in a great mood whenever I have too much going on in my mind. And plus, a lot of the artists are just dope as hell. I’ll listen to anything; however, my favorite genre is rock. It always has been ever since I was a little girl. I usually find new music by getting suggestions from my friends or searching for related artists for a band or person that I’m really into.

Jules Nikita Clothing Reykjavik Hoodie

What is your favorite piece from the Nikita Fall/Winter '17 collection and how do you plan to wear it? 

Some of my favorite pieces include the Nikita baseball tee and the super rad dad hats. I plan to wear the baseball tee with a pair of dickies and some Nike SBs since the shirt’s cute and comfortable to skate in! Also, I’m always a fan of baseball caps, even though I tend to only wear them when my hair is straightened so that the hat can fit onto my head! #curlyhairproblems

We loved hanging out with Jules! Turn on Jules' playlist to get pumped for the next session- you can find it here or listen on Spotify 🎧





This month’s Nikita Spotify playlist is equal parts tough & tender, leather & lace, feminine & masculine. Stevie Nicks, Warpaint and Angel Olsen start the mix off on a softer note, and then Suzi Quatro, Alison Mosshart and Savages take it to the edge. Every iconic rock star needs a ballad.

Hit play and let us know your favorite track. 

Nikita Clothing Playlist September

Suck My Trucks 2017 Nikita Clothing Spottour

Suck My Trucks 2017 Nikita Clothing Spottour

Suck My Trucks Nikita Clothing

It's all about the attitude. p. Nika Kramer

Suck My Trucks has been putting on events for girls who ride for a few years now, and only growing in popularity. When a event like this has been going on for a few years and only getting bigger, chances are someone out there created something that the people are loving.


A look back at Suck My Trucks 2015- year after year, it just gets better. p. Nika Kramer

That 100% is the case with Suck My Trucks in Germany, with their latest event, a Spottour Event- where they put on a street and bowl skateboarding contest just for girls, with prizes like a year-long product sponsorship from Nikita Clothing (that's us!), plus some cash and tons of other great prizes.

The girls showed up and made it known that they were there to ride their hearts out; landing tricks, laughing and trading new song lyrics they made up along the way.

Take a look for yourself and see just how fun the Suck My Trucks 2017 Nikita Clothing Spottour event was this year!  

Snow Vibes from Nadja Flemming

Snow Vibes from Nadja Flemming

Dreaming of snowboarding?

Nikita Nation rider Nadja Flemming made sure to get some great riding in last winter and we practically had to grab a napkin to stop the drool rolling down our chins as we were watching this video.

See the best riding highlights from Nadja's time on snow last year, and get ready for this next winter coming up quick!


Loving Nadja's look? Her jacket of choice last season was the Blonde Roast Jacket - head over to Blue Tomato now to get your very own!




#forgirlswhoride Behind The Lens with Nicolette Hand & Sarah McCann

#forgirlswhoride Behind The Lens with Nicolette Hand & Sarah McCann

Meet the ladies behind the lenses of this month’s For Girls Who Ride feature on Janthavy Norton. This Arizona based crew talks to us about everything from beating the heat, gear essentials to summer travel plans. If you want to get into skate photography and filming, let Nikki & Sarah be your guides! Follow their work on Instagram @nikki_hand & @phxsarah.  

Nikki Hand with Nikita Clothing

Photographer Nicolette Hand

Sarah McCann Nikita Clothing

And filmer Sarah McCann 

What city do you live in, and what inspires you most about where you live? 
N: I’m originally from Southern California, but I moved to Flagstaff, AZ about three years ago for school. I already loved shooting landscapes but living here made me fall in love with it even more! Anywhere outside in nature is my absolute favorite place to shoot. Everything about where I live inspires me. This town and my friends inspired me to take on shooting skateboarding. It is still new to me but I love it and I am so excited to get better at shooting it!
S: I live in Phoenix, AZ. I find a lot of solace in capturing things that make me feel good, which generally tends to be the desert, and my friends.

When did you first pick up a camera, and how has that affected your life? 
N: I was 13 when my parents noticed I was obsessed with taking photos. They got me my first DSLR camera for Christmas that year. My passion grew into something I wanted to do forever and I still strive to do just that! 
S: I first started taking pictures when I was really young, probably 9 or 10. I then branched off into shooting film, which is my favorite thing to do aside from capturing videos of good times that I can look back on. Sometimes I get a bit too distracted on capturing the moment rather than living in it, but all around, I think that this passion fuels my life in all aspects.

What photographers, films or publications do you follow to feed your creative brain? And - is there a new style or technique you’ve been dying to test out?
N: I think with landscape photography I’d have to say, Chris Burkard, National Geographic, Pete McBride, and of course Ansel Adams. For skate photography, I just recently subscribed to Thrasher Magazine to get inspiration! I’ve always wanted to try Lomography. Lomography is basically shooting with a cheap film camera from your hip. 
S: I've been following Kevin Russ and Olivia Bee for years. I cruise Instagram quite a bit to see inspiration too but I try not to get too caught up on other peoples' work. I really want to shoot video on film or try different analog ways of documenting what I love!

What kind of subjects do you prefer to capture? Is skateboarding or shooting with Janthavy a frequent one? 
N: I love to capture this stillness of nature, but recently I have become obsessed with shooting fast moving skaters. It has been a struggle to get used to a moving target. Skating has quickly become something I have been shooting more frequently because of Janthavy for sure! After Janthavy and I met we became instant friends! It was only a given to put our talents together and create something awesome! 
S: I usually bring a camera with me wherever I go, whether that's my DSLR or a 35mm point and shoot. I've just recently gotten into shooting videos and pictures for my friends who skate, but I really enjoy it. I've been best friends with Janthavy for 17 years, and I've definitely taken thousands of pictures and videos of her. She's a lot more outgoing than I am, lol - she loves being in front of the lens whereas I love being behind it.

Do you ever get in front of the camera?
N: I try not to haha! I never know what to do with my hands or face really! Snowboarding is really where it started for me. I got obsessed with it this last season and live 25 minutes away from the chair lift, so I was going 3-4 times a week. Once the snow melted I got bummed so I bought a skateboard and fell in love with it! I ride a Welcome board called The Magician on Son of Moontrimmer. I like the funky shaped boards! I’ve been riding consistently since the snow melted really, so about 4 and a half months. 
S: I'm definitely not talented enough to feel comfortable skating on camera, but I'm working on it! I skateboarded a lot as a kid, but Janthavy is putting a board together for me so I can boost my film game instead of getting mostly stationary shots.

What are your upcoming shoot plans for the summer? 
N: I recently got back from Iceland, but I really want to make a trip up to Colorado to skate and take photos of the beautiful summer scenery! It is so beautiful up there this time of year. I know we will 100% continue to collab! Nothing like creating with some of your best mates! 
S: Currently, Janthavy and I are roadtripping all over California, and I've been shooting as much as possible! That includes her skating and generally being a dork, of course. We will definitely collaborate tons more; some really exciting things are coming.

What’s your process like? Talk us through concept, equipment selection, and editing. What’s your favorite part!? Any what’s your go-to equipment?
N: I always have a small idea or see a spot that may work as I’m driving by, but never really plan anything. I kind of like to have to use my brain and try new funky things while shooting! I take all my lenses with me mainly because even if I only use one the entire shoot, I still have it if I really need it. My go to is my Canon 16-35mm because it is my favorite lens for landscapes and I can still throw it on 35mm and shoot portraits with it if I really needed to! My favorite part of shooting is when I’m done! Knowing I have all the shots and happy with the shoot is the best feeling! I also really love the editing process too.
S: When it comes to shooting for Janthavy, I generally try to get her take on how she wants the video or shot to come out. She obviously knows a lot more about skating than I do, but I always try to give my creative input and push her to get a better and better clip. Since I've gotten into shooting skating within the past few months, my equipment is limited. But, I shoot on a Canon Rebel T6, usually with a wide angle lens. With editing, I think it's always a great idea to get humor, talent, and creativity blended together and captured as perfectly as possible. 

Any tips and tricks for new photographers or filmers? Gear suggestions? 
N: Never shoot on Auto!!! It is so amazing to me that I get to control the light and color that goes into my camera! If you’re shooting landscapes, wide angles rule and that should be your first non-kit lens purchase! If shooting skating, I do like the fish look, but would really like to play with other lenses to see what I really like. 
S: Don't pay too much attention to what other people are doing. It's really easy to compare yourself to anyone and everyone online, but just keep your focus and capture what makes you feel good. 
I try to stay as budget-friendly as possible, and I got my Canon Rebel T6 on a huge sale, which was such a score! For shooting film, get the weirdest and least straight forward equipment as possible. Alter your cameras, use expired film, bleach your Polaroids, make it fun and surprising. 

How does preparing for shooting skating compare to other things you shoot?
N: I have to remember a lot to use my legs and move around. When I am shooting a landscape scene there is usually minimal movement. With skateboarding I am constantly moving and doing weird body movements to get a certain angle that I want.
S: The weather in Phoenix definitely plays a huge role in preparation. With what I normally shoot, which is just arbitrary shots of places I see with people I love, it all sort of happens naturally. But with skating in 100+ degree weather... a lot more goes into it! We basically have to plan around the sun. Avoid heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn, etc. 

What’s your favorite piece from the new Nikita SS18 Collection? How will you wear it!?
N: The Jetty Shorts are my favorite for sure! Perfect to just throw on a cute comfy tee shirt and go skate in!
S: My favorite piece is the Leeward shirt! It's so comfortable and casual, and the gray color goes with everything. It's easily dressed up or down, which I love. 

Nikita Clothing's GWR Playlist with Janthavy Norton

Nikita Clothing's GWR Playlist with Janthavy Norton

Nikita Clothing Playlist Janthavy Norton

Elements of sun, sand & sun tan lotion come to mind when skipping through tracks from The Growlers, ODESZA & Mac Demarco in this latest For Girls Who Ride Spotify Playlist from @janthavy.


1. Mirage- Møme
2. Sun Models (ft. Madelyn Grant) - ODESZA
3. Hallucinating - Elohim
4. Broken Record (Louis the Child Remix) - Soysauce, Joni Fatora
5. TROUBLE (ft. Absofacto) - The Knocks
6. Brighter - RUFUS SU SOL
7. When I Get There- Big Wild 
9. It’s Strange (Myles Traviz Remix) - Louis The Child, K. Flay
10. My Kind of Woman - Mac Demarco
11. The Way You’d Love Her - Mac Demarco
12. Say My Name (feat. Zyra) - ODESZA
13. It’s Only (feat. Zyra) - ODESZA
14. Fineshrine - Purity Ring
15. Come On Thru - MADEIRA
16. I’ll Be On My Way - Genders
17. Say My Name - Destiny’s Child
18. Gold - Bondax
19. So American - Portugal. The Man
20. Modern Jesus - Portugal. The Man
21. High You Are - What So Not, Branchez
22. Never Be Like You (feat. Kai) - Flume
23. Wasted on You (feat. ROZES) - Louis Futon
24. Collapse - Zeds Dead, Memorecks
25. Make You Feel - Alina Baraz, Galimatias
26. Say It (ft. Tove Lo) - Flume
27. In Between - The Growlers
28. Naked Kids - The Growlers
29. One Million Lovers - The Growlers
30. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
Nikita Clothing #ForGirlsWhoRide with Janthavy Norton

Nikita Clothing #ForGirlsWhoRide with Janthavy Norton

Jantahvy Norton Nikita Clothing


Images - Nikki Hand

We just checked the weather for Phoenix, and it says 105°F all week long- how are you coping with this summer heat?! 

I have lived in Phoenix all my life. You don’t get used to the heat… you just deal with it. The only time I can really skate, comfortably, is at night time. Even then its still hot out, but you begin to appreciate 98 degree weather!
Janthavy Norton Skateboarding Route 66 Nikita Clothing
When we first talked a few months ago, you told us that you go skating every single day. How do you make it happen?
Yes, I still try to skate everyday but it has become harder with the heat. I used to go everyday before work.  I would wake up at 8:00am get ready for 30 minutes, leave the house by 8:30am, get to the park by 9:00am, skate for 30 minutes…sometimes fifteen, cool off in the car for 15 minutes then drive to work.  I work a full time job Monday through Friday, ten to six. I love skating so much it’s my daily exercise and stress relief so I just make it work to where I can skate [every day], even if it’s just a little bit.

How old were you when you started skating? What’s changed about your motivations to ride since then? And also- what was your first board?
I first started riding when I was 17. I don’t think my motivation has changed at all. Ever since I got on a board I knew I was going to be skating for the rest of my life. My goals have remained the same; have fun, progress, and eventually be able to travel and skate more often. My first board was through Cowtown, it was actually a Christmas gift from my cousin Peter Quang. 
Who inspires you to learn new tricks? Do you follow professional skating- how does it relate to you?
All skaters are inspiring to me,- legends, locals, friends, and beginners. There are two younger girls in Arizona named Levy and Mia that I skate contests with. I’ve seen them progress very quickly and it’s very inspiring, definitely my two favorites. I do follow professional skateboarding, not very closely but just enough. One day I would love to be professional but either way I will be skating forever.  
If you visualize yourself in 5 years, on or off a board, what do you want your life to look like? 
In 5 years I would like to have a stable career- I’m swinging between Firefighting and Nursing. Both of those have flexibility for me to keep skating. Skating has never interfered with my goals, it’s like my gym, my sanity, and ultimately something I do just to keep my mind right.  
Janthavy Norton Nikita Clothing Skateboarding
If you could offer any advice to a new skater, what would it be? 
My best advice to a female rider would be to stop being so afraid of getting out there. A lot of times girls ask me how I get confidence to go by myself. I would have to say it’s not confidence it’s just passion- you should never let anything or anyone get in between something you love doing. It seems scary but these skater boys are doing the same thing just learning skating and bailing just as much. Also- be okay with falling that’s half of the sport. 
As a female rider, do you feel like you are viewed differently than guys at the skate park?
I feel like we are viewed in both positive and negative ways. I don’t pay too much mind to outside opinions. Sometimes people say, you’re really good for a girl. Other times some guys say I can skate better than them, it’s so mixed up. I honestly just skate and do my thing and take compliments or criticism with a grain of salt. 

How does your riding style affect what you wear on a board? 
My riding style is kind of funky. My favorite thing is speed and I’m kind of aggressive, but sometimes I’m real easy going. I like to incorporate style and comfort. It’s funny because I know my clothes will be drenched in sweat and dirt later but the girly girl deep inside of me has to be stylin’ at all times hahaha. I like light clothes with lots of ventilation.

What’s your favorite piece from the current Nikita SS17 collection?
My favorite piece is probably the Jetty shorts, they are comfortable, breezy, and they have pockets! I don’t know why but the pockets are a real seller for me lol.
Janthavy Norton Nikita Clothing Jetty Short
Any big plans for Summer 2017!? Tell our followers what to expect from Janthavy next!
Summer 2017 is a busy one for me. I’m working on going back to school. I am going on a skate trip in August to San Diego. I’m going on a Las Chicaz skate trip in New Mexico in November. I am also planning a charity skate event sometime in the near future. I’ve got lots to do but it will be a great end to my year.

*EXTRA* - What’s your current fav trick to work on? Or dream spot to ride!
My favorite trick to work on right now is probably front smith grinds. They are so steezy, and it feels so good but I’m trying to a longer grind. My dream spot to ride is probably Mammoth, Burnside, or Kona. 
Janthavy Norton Skateboarding Nikita Clothing
Hot Curbs and Cool Pools Photo and Video Recap

Hot Curbs and Cool Pools Photo and Video Recap

Photos - Max Thaler

Video/Edit - Julian Pfretzschner


The day was hot, the curbs were too, and if there was a pool full of water there- it would've been cool. Suffice it to say, the event that went off on July 22nd was everything it promised to be, and more.

Girls got together and skated for fun and for prizes, with the top ladies walking away with some $$$ to support their talents!

Trend forecast: Tutus and leis?

The judges never missed a move-

And everyone left a winner!

Thanks again to all the girls that showed up for the Hot Curbs and Cool Pools Girls Jam. You all ripped, and we had such a blast hanging out with you. Big thanks to the organizers and all the other sponsors; Skateboarding München. e.V, Gorilla, who came together to make this event happen.

We can't wait to get back on our boards!

Hot Curbs and Cool Pools Girls Jam with Nikita!

Hot Curbs and Cool Pools Girls Jam with Nikita!

Kicking off this weekend July 22nd and 23rd- the Hot Curbs and Cool Pools Girls Jam is about to go down in Munich!

With contests for all ages and abilites; prizes, food and more- this is going to be an event you won't want to miss, so be sure to RSVP on the Facebook Event now

See below for more info from Skateboarding Munchen! See you this weekend- Saturday and Sunday 🔥🌴  #forgirlswhoride

The Saturday and Sunday begins with free coaching powered by Gorilla. Here everybody can learn the first steps (or pushes) on the skateboard, regardless of their age. At the same time, the skateboard park "Am Gleisdreieck" in Pasing will provide the European women's skate elite with a true trick battle at Skate Jam. This is not only about rum and honor, but also about prizes worth over € 4,000! If you do not already have a contest experience, you will not be short of course. We split the contest into categories U14, Ü14 Sponsored and Ü14 Unsponsored. Also in the other categories there are fabulous prices of Blue Tomato, Nikita, Volcom, Stance and Nais Berlin dust. Since, despite the contest, the fun and the feeling of a real girl gang are all about us, Greek salad is inviting us to a dignified rider's dinner. Afterwards the Girls Night Out is pulled around the houses.

On Sunday we do not let ourselves hang and go straight on with a hammer program. If you could marvel at the pro-class yesterday, you have the opportunity to cruise with international pros in the skatepark "Im Gefilde" and to get valuable tips and tricks. With a lot of new inspiration and power, you can go directly to the Girls Gone Wild Jam, where you can clear up the fine prices of our sponsors in various categories. If the weather does not play, the skating rink in Freising is exclusively available for the entire weekend. The Hot Curbs & Cool Pools Girls Jam takes place regardless of the weather.

For all girls, who want to come from a little further but do not want to miss a mega weekend, we provide free sleeping possibilities and guiding to the spots available. The places are coveted, so nix as ran to the registration . Please remember   to send the disclaimer .

Nikita July 2017 #forgirlswhoride Playlist

Nikita July 2017 #forgirlswhoride Playlist

Girls Who Ride July Playlist

This month we’re serving up a funky, soulful and melodic mix with iconic beats worthy of listening from start to finish- ranging from old school Missy & TLC to the last from Madame Gandhi and Kaytranada. 

Whether you throw this on for a mellow night at home, or trance-out wearing headphones around town, it’s sure to deliver a head-bobbing buzz. 


Swim High - BABYTEETH, Rivka Rose

Black Ego - Digable Planets

I Spy - Skepta

Under Your Spell - Desire

Zealots - Fugees

About Her - Malcom McLaren

Make It Up - Tirzah

Care - Kaada 

Her - Madame Gandhi

Summer - Raf Riley, Etta Bond, Avelino, Dun D

Bad Blood - SBTRKT Remix - NAO, SBTRKT

The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) - Missy Elliott

Ain’t Too Proud 2 Beg -  TLC

I Want Your Love - Chromatics

Army Of Me - Bjork

The Narcissist (ft. Inga Copeland) - Dean Blunt

There’s a Light Out On The Horizon - Chromatics

The Gaudy Side Of Town - Gayngs

Sunny Duet (feat. the Mind) - Noname, The Mind

I Fell In Love - Gidge

Breathe - Telepopmusik

Little Death - Lupe Fiasco, Nikki Jean

Strangers - Portishead 

Skin - Grimes

Distrations I: The Opposite Sex - Kilo Kish

Empire Ants - Gorillaz, Little Dragon

You’re The One - KAYTRANADA, Syd

I’m Better - Missy Elliott, Eve, Lil Kim, Trina

Pains - Silk Rhodes

Bullets - KAYTRANADA, Little Dragon

#forgirlswhoride: Catching Up W/Spacegoth

#forgirlswhoride: Catching Up W/Spacegoth

Nikita Clothing caught up with devilishly on-point illustrator and artist Spacegoth to learn more about her, her art, and how skateboarding tied them all together.

Spacegoth in the Leeward Shirt With Her Reapers for Nikita Clothing

Tell us about your background. Where are you from and where do you live right now?

I kinda grew up all over the place. I’ve lived in Louisiana, Northern California, Orange County, San Diego and LA for the last 10 years. I'm temporarily caught up in OC at the moment. 

You are one multi-talented lady. Is there any surface you’re not already creating on? Anything you really want to get into with your art?

I’ve always wanted to do my own screen printing. I know how from making my own screens with crude little home made versions from silk scarves and elders glue. I have a real set up for screen printing, but I’ve just been too scared to dive in… Now that I say that, I have NO idea why.


What medium did you start with? Did you go to school for illustration? If not how did you get your start on this path?

I have been drawing and painting since I was a child… I learned anything I know how to do from either teaching myself or watching other methods and taking it on myself to try and make it work.

I used to share a little skate house with 5 dudes. One day at the house, I remember looking at a piece of paper I had been painting on and I figured out I could make SOMETHING out of it. Then I just started drawing more and more- trying to find a character that represented me. I can’t draw people, so I think my reaper came from trying to depict a human form to express myself.

Spacegoth I'm sorry

When did you realize that art could be a source of income and how does that affect your use your social media?

I got fired from a job I had for 2 years and, although I’ve always been reliable for work, for whatever reason I panicked. Luckily, I had spent the last two years building an online audience for my work. I posted about being fired and having to sell some art until I could find a job…. I haven’t looked for one yet. Now, I have to keep my eye on my Instagram and Twitter pretty much all day- I’m either getting questions about a piece already on my website or someone is asking about commissions. I never expected it to be like this.

Spacegoth Illustrating

What keeps you inspired to keep working as an artist? How does this channel into your “style”? Do you fans provide this kind of support?

I feel as though all forms of art are simply an extension of ones personal perception of and struggle with the world. When I started creating I did so only to convey the pain and isolation I had experienced in my life as a whole up to this point and every day. I didn't realize that letting the pain go and sharing it with the rest of the world would be the thing that would ultimately alleviate it and bring me out of the isolation I was feeling.

I feel like that is the duty of all creative people- we have a responsibility to create and share in the hopes that it may alleviate someone else's pain and isolation as well. My fans are constantly reinforcing this belief in me- that response is overwhelming.


How has skating influenced your work and is there a connection between skating and your work?

I've been around skateboarding essentially my whole life. By being raised with young parents, I was able to experience the skateboarding community from an early age. I feel like the connection between the two is in my humor. I’ve learned to be extremely frank from hanging around with mostly guys. All of the girls I know who skate seem to have the same kind of weird humor that I do, and that makes me feel better.

Spacegoth with her Reapers

When did you start skating and how did you first get into it? 

Well I’ve been pushing around since I was like 13. The last time I skated an actual park I hurt my wrist, and also recently actually hurt my ankle pushing around my old neighborhood. For me, it’s hard because I use my right hand to draw. If I hadn’t found illustration as a career, there’s a good chance I would have been able to focus on skating more. I suppose for me skating is something thats just a normal part of everyone’s life; and especially for my generation, I really think that’s true. Even kids that don’t skate have a best friend or sibling that does- this community is and always has been open to everyone who wants to really be in it.

Do you have a crew that you skate with or that keeps you motivated to keep skating?

I have a bunch of girl friends that skate. I rarely see them because of busy schedule or literally just crazy distance- those girls keep me hyped on it even though I’m not going out and skating anything sick- it makes me wanna go out.

Spacegoth I'm only happy when it rains

What is your deck set up right now? Trucks/ wheels/ etc...

I most recently was using a tired board with independent trucks, but I really can’t remember what wheels are on it!

What's your favorite piece from the SS17 Nikita collection?

I love the mesh hoodie and i'm obsessed with beanies.

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Spacegoth Playlist #forgirlswhoride

Spacegoth Playlist #forgirlswhoride

Space Goth Girls Who Ride Playlist

From obscure beats to featured namesakes you'll know and recognize; this latest forgirlswhoride Playlist from Spacegoth will get your creative interstellar juices flowing, whether you're riding your board on the streets or painting over an old one at home.

So turn it up, browse Spacegoth's latest on Instagram for some inspiration and Enjoy 👽

1 Troyboi- 4321

2 Two Feet- Go F*ck Yourself

3 Great Dane- Yeezy

4 Getter- Rip 'n Dip

5 Stooki Sound & Mr Carmack- Uppers

6 Troyboi- OG

7 Lapalux- Without you

8 XXYYXX Ft. 2 Chainz- About You (not available on spotify, link)

9 Radiohead- Jigsaw Falling Into Place

10 Radiohead- National Anthem

11 Rihanna x KorN - Bitch Better Have My Money (not available on spotify, link)

12 Zhu. x Skrillex x THEY - Working For It

13 Keith Ape ft. A$AP Ferg - It G Ma

14 Skrillex, Pusha T, Yogi - Burial

15 Wild Belle x Major Lazer- Be together

16 Skrillex and Diplo- Mind

17 Holy Other- Yr Love

18 Holy Other-  Touch

19 Holy Other- Know Where

20 Caribou- Odessa

21 Animal Collective- Who Could Win a Rabbit

22 Radiohead- Nude

23 A.Chal- Far From Home

24 Debbie Deb- Lookout Weekend

25 KC and The Sunshine Band- Boogie Shoes

26 Great Dane - Invite Only

27 Talking Heads- Burning Down The House

28 The Clash- Police and Thieves

29 Talking Heads- This Must Be The Place

30 The Clash- Straight to hell