Rude Girls G.W.R Sunshine Village

Rude Girls G.W.R Sunshine Village

Calling All Ladies!

Rude Girls is throwing a G.W.R day at Sunshine Village in Banff, AB Canada and you're invited!




Abby Furrer has put together the event of the year, and you don't want to miss it. We're going to have a morning rider/progression session. Then Prizes and a Jam in the afternoon. Whether you're just starting or your'e one of the pros we want you there!

Party Boarding, Progressing, New Friends, Prizes all Included. Get to the Rude Girls shop and reserve your spot before they fill up. 

Words: Riley Elliott 

G.W.R Snowboarding Recap Video

G.W.R Snowboarding Recap Video

G.W.R Dew Tour Snowboarding Recap Video

What a HUGE success! We are over the moon at how well this event went, check out the video below to catch the highlights. 


Also go take a look at our facebook albums if you haven't already, we have tons of photos recapping the event and how much we had. Mark your calendars for the next one- this is an event no one wants to miss.


A Land Shaped By Women

A Land Shaped By Women

I'm in awe at how inspiring and truly moving the "A Land Shaped by Women"  trailer is. 

As an intern over here at Nikita what i've really been reminded of after watching this is that being a female in such a male dominated industry is so incredible. In the last month alone I've met so many inspirational women that have helped me replace my fear and intimidation with confidence and inspiration which is why this film resonates so deeply with me.



Anne-Flor Marxer and Aline bock grabbed their boards and piled into a camper van on a mission to bring gender equality to center stage by inspiring women around the world and showing them the "Icelandic way." Iceland is and has been ranked number one by the United Nations for gender equality for the last 9 years. Showcasing this to the world can help us stand along side them to continue the fight for gender equality.

I've lived in a van myself and it's no easy feat. Just picture a small space filled with wet boots, snowboards, surfboards, soaking wet wetsuits, and nowhere to go but forward. But it's all worth it, it's worth the peaceful mornings in the mountains, the lifelong friends and inspiration you pick up along the way.



They met life changing females along the way. Such as Vilborg Arna, the first Icelandic woman to climb Everest and reach the south pole. Heida Birgisdottier, the founder of Nikita as well as Una Torfadottir a feminist performer. 



These ladies are empowering women around the world to close the gap and fight for gender equality through there love for the mountains. Let's all watch in awe and get ready to stand beside them.

Words By: Riley Elliott

G.W.R. Girls Streetstyle by Nikita at Dew Tour

G.W.R. Girls Streetstyle by Nikita at Dew Tour

G.W.R. Girls Streetstyle by Nikita at Dew Tour from Nikita Clothing on Vimeo.

The first ever G.W.R. Girls Streetstyle event went down at Dew Tour on December 15th, making history for females at #dewtour!

Congratulations to the ski podium - Shondra Charbonneau for best trick Brooke Potter in 3rd, Nadia Gonzales in 2nd and Taylor Lundquist for taking 1st prize! The snowboard podium was another heater, with Nora Beck in 3rd, Alexis Roland in 2nd and Kaleah Driscoll taking both best trick and 1st place! Thank you to everyone who showed up, this was an amazing night.

Ski Podium @dewtour #dewtour photo by @bradyferdig

Ski Podium L to R: Nadia Gonzales, Brooke Potter, Shonny Charbonneau, Taylor Lundquist

@dewtour photo by @bradyferdig

Ski Podium @dewtour #dewtour photo by @bradyferdig

Snowboard Podium L to R: Kaleah Driscoll, Nora Beck, Alexis Roland

@dewtour photo by @bradyferdig


Filming and Edit by Mia Lambson
Cover Image by Hunter Murphy

Nikita Gives Back With Skate-Aid

Nikita Gives Back With Skate-Aid

Skateboarding Connects - Cooperation For A Good Purpose

NIKITA donates 100 Asio jackets to the non-profit organization Skate-Aid and supports children and teenagers in need.

The love for skateboarding connects not only NIKITA, a street and outerwear brand and Skate-Aid, but also kids all over the world. Skateboarding represents freedom and living - regardless of religion, nationality or skin color. In order to make this equality on a skateboard possible for all kids, Skate Aid has been involved in various aid projects in numerous countries. Now with the help of Nikita, the organization and brand are collaborating with an exclusive jacket style. The goal: to make the everyday life of kids in a difficult situation more beautiful.

Since its conception, NIKITA has brought style and rebellious confidence to girls from the streets to the mountains. Together with Skate Aid, they give self-worth and equality to all girls around the world. To strengthen this relationship, the brand provides 100 pieces of the popular Asio Jacket. The jacket can be purchased in the online shop of Skate-Aid - the proceeds go into skate projects and development aid all over the world. The poor and sick children in needs will be encouraged by skate lessons, contests and skate parks.

More information about development aid and projects of Skate-Aid can be found here:

Nikita Chikitas Ambassador Search

Nikita Chikitas Ambassador Search

Nikita Chikitas Search

Nikita Clothing is looking for it's next Chikitas Ambassador - and it could be YOU!

We're looking for girls between the ages of 6 to 16 to add to our already awesome roster of Nikita Team Riders in our first-ever Nikita Chikitas Ambassador Search.

Starting right now, we're kicking off a contest to find  looking for those grom girls who are 110% a Girl Who Rides. To enter: tag @nikitaclothing and #forgirlswhoride on a photo or video of yourself shredding in the snow (and having a blast!).

We'll choose two winners to add to our Ambassador team and those lucky winners will get:

A dedicated Winner Announcement on Nikita Clothing Social Channels

A brand new Chikitas Set For Winter kit from Nikita Clothing

A dedicated Ambassador profile and image on Nikita Clothing's website

So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

Nikita Chikitas Adrenaline Boardshop

Contest ends Dec 21st, winner will be announced Dec 27th 

Images courtesy of Erick and The Adrenaline Boardshop 


Taylor Elliott (and more) in The Uninvited

Taylor Elliott (and more) in The Uninvited



Nikita Clothing team rider Taylor Elliott leaves no trick undone and no snow unridden when she sets out to snowboard.

This fall saw the release of the newest must-watch snowboard film; an all-female piece produced, directed and funded by Jess Kimura (not to mention she of course rides in it too).

If you haven’t seen this yet (gasp!) or if you have and you want another reason to re-watch this masterpiece of female snowboarding, push play now.

First G.W.R Of the Year Snowpark Obergurgle

First G.W.R Of the Year Snowpark Obergurgle



Calling All LADIES in the Otztal Region. Join Nikita for the first Shred Session of the year at Snowpark Obergurgl!

Let's get back on board together and kick the season off Nikita Style. There's no better place then Snowpark Obergurgle, where the terrain park is built by females for females!

The more ladies the better when it comes to this progression session, any skill level is welcome. Nikita ambassador Lisa Filzmoser will be putting on a coaching session and giving away tons of Nikita product. 

If you're wanting to attend go to the Nikita facebook event and let us know you're coming!

 Check out Snowpark Obergurgle's website for this season's upcoming shred sessions.



Nikita Takes Gold At Exposure Skate 2018!

Nikita Takes Gold At Exposure Skate 2018!

Nikita Ambassador Susie Heath, from Cincinnati, Ohio took home the gold for 15+ Bowl and Vert Comps last weekend at Exposure Skate Contest!

Over 150 girls from 25 different countries came together to skate, compete and celebrate life. Not only did female skaters come together to skate and progress, they came together to raise money and lend a helping hand to women affected by domestic violence.

Nikita Ambassador Marisa Garcia came from Austin, Texas to join Susie in each competition and threw down some seriously big backside airs.


Janthavy Norton came all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to support the rest of the Nikita team as well as the 150 other competitors. The stoke levels were high, so many new friends were made and $5,000 was donated to the Community Resource Center!


12 year old Kendra Long  from Houston, Texas not only competed in the pro street event. She slayed and got 6th place!  Her kickflip over the double block  was one of the highlights of the pro event.

 Last but not least Carlin Makibbin dominated the 14 and under events, taking podium in the vert and bowl. Her airs were taller then her.

And that's a wrap for 2018 exposure skate. Congratulations to all of our Nikita girls, all of the girls who competed and everyone who made such an amazing event happen. We hope to see you next year!

G.W.R. Hotham, Australia with Board Box

G.W.R. Hotham, Australia with Board Box


Nikita Clothing will be partnering with Board Box Hotham Store to host the next on-snow G.W.R. Event!

The goal is to get the biggest group of girls together to ride, push each other and win some AWESOME prize in our open jam at the Basin Park!! All Welcome!! Sept 7th at Mount Hotham, Victoria. Be there.

Register now to make sure you get in on the action- Follow the link HERE and click the link on the lower left side.

We can't wait to see you there!

G.W.R. Australia Hotham Board Box Store Nikita Clothing


Hotham Nikita Clothing Board Box Australia

Nikita Nation Feature: Jordan Santana

Nikita Nation Feature: Jordan Santana

Jordan Santana

We first met Jordan Santana during practice at Dew Tour for the G.W.R. Girls Am competition. Amelia Brodka introduced us to her, and told us we would love her as both a skateboarder and a person. Sure enough, in no time at all Jordan had us impressed with her skill, determination and drive. Towards the end of practice Jordan took a big slam in the deep end of the bowl. Following safety precautions, she was taken out of the park on a back board and brought to the hospital to be evaluated for possible injuries. None of us knew if she would be able to skate in the finals, but we all prayed that she’d be making an appearance in the competition. Sure enough, the next morning Jordan was ready bright and early (cleared by the doctors) and skated her way to a second place podium finish in the first ever G.W.R. Girls Am competition at Dew Tour Long Beach. After a showing like that, we had to know more about this awesome person. So- we gathered our questions, sent them her way and made her this month’s Nikita Nation feature.

All Images- Desiree Astorga

Where did you first learn to skateboard, from who? What encouraged you to try?
I first learned to skateboard at Jamail Skatepark here in Houston, Texas.  My father had seen a documentary on Showtime about Skateboarder Christian Hosoi, it was called “Rising Son, The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi”.  My father was so interested in Christian’s story, that he arranged to have Christian come to our church in Houston to tell his story.  The first time I ever stepped on a skateboard, Christian held my hands and rolled me back and forth on the skateboard in the bowl.  I thought skateboarding was so cool!  From my first day on the board, I was 5 years old I knew that’s what I wanted to do.
How do you balance your time between skateboarding with school - do you have other hobbies activities, participate in other board sports?
I balance my time between school and skateboarding very easily, school in the morning and skateboarding at night, every night!  My other hobbies are music, reading, drawing, and sometimes rock climbing with my sister, because that’s what she does.  I play drums, bass guitar and a little piano.

Jordan Santana at Dew Tour

How do you feel skateboarding has impacted your daily life when you’re off of a skateboard?
Skateboarding impacts my life definitely off the board as much as when I’m on the board.  It feels like no matter where I go or what I do, there is always something dealing with skateboarding around me.  The more I skateboard definitely makes me feel more confident in what I’m doing, and I always get excited about competitions.
What kind of relationships have you gained from the sport- whether it be coaches, new friends or family support?
I am so stoked on all the friendships I have made through skateboarding!  Some of the absolute coolest people around and some of my best friends.  Through my sponsor/mentor Christian Hosoi, I’ve been so blessed to be taught and get tips from not only him, but many of the pros and legends, skateboarding to me is like family.  My family and friends support me 100%, they are always there for me and cheering me on.

Jordan Santana Dew Tour Podium
Have you ever taught a friend or family member how to skate or to land a trick that you were proud of? 

I taught my cousins how to skateboard, they are trying to learn inverts, inverts are one of my favorite tricks.  Sometimes I help when I see little kids at the skatepark learning to skate.  A lot of the little ones ask me for tips and ask me to show them how to do a certain trick. 
Who is a role model of yours and why?

My role model in skateboarding of course is Christian Hosoi.  I would watch hours and hours, over and over, of his videos on YouTube to try to learn his tricks and sick style.  Also Steve Caballero, one of the best ever, Eddie Elguera and Lonny Hiramoto.

Jordan Santana Dew Tour

Above Image - Dew Tour

What has been the most defining moment of your time as a competitive skateboarder so far?

The most defining moment for me in skateboarding was at the 2018 Vans Girls Combi when Steve Van Doren (Vans) and Jim Gray awarded me the number 1 ranking for 2017, National Amateur Champion for World Cup Skateboarding, that was awesome.
What was it like to compete at Dew Tour? What surprised you?

I was so stoked when I got the email inviting me to the Dew Tour.  For many years I have followed the Dew Tour, but never did I think that I would be skating in it.  The day before the competition, I had slammed pretty bad on doing an invert, I had never slammed on an invert before, I'm not really sure how that happened.  They took me out on a stretcher, checked me out and told me that I was good. The very next day I placed 2nd at the Dew Tour!!!  How awesome is that!  The Dew Tour, and the prizes from Nikita Clothing were bigger than any other competition I had ever done, I am still STOKED!!!  So, thank you Nikita and Exposure for this great opportunity to skate the Dew Tour! 
What is your next goal with the sport?

My next goal in skateboarding is to compete with the best, the pros, and to finish learning a 540. 
How would you like to see skateboarding change or evolve, specifically in relating to girls’ participation?

I want girls skateboarding to continue to grow and be respected.  I was so stoked when I began to get invited to invitationals, I felt like people were starting to take notice of my skating abilities, it felt great.  The Vans Combi, the U. S. Open and now the Dew Tour, that was so much fun!  I remember watching the boys in the Dew Tour on television for years, now there are girl’s categories, oh yeah!  So stoked!!!  Also, I heard that Vans was now making the girls prize purse the same amount as the boys in all their competitions.  We are on our way!
What are your skateboarding essentials?

I’m always excited to set up a new deck.  The deck, it’s design, the rails, the trucks, and the wheels. I am always so excited when my sponsors (Hosoi Skateboards, Vans, 187 Killer Pads, ProTec, Powerflex Wheels, Rastaclat, Merge4Socks and Southside Skatepark) send me products.  The shoes, Vans shoes are so SICK!  So many designs, and so many styles (Thank you Vans!)  It’s like opening Christmas presents all year long!
What are your favorite SS18 Nikita pieces!?

My favorite Nikita pieces?  The hoodies!  So awesome!  I love the hoodies!!!  Thank you Nikita!!!

Above Image - Israel Santana

Thank you again to Jordan for sitting down with us and letting us get to know her better - if you don't follow her yet on instagram, do it now @jordanfsantana! Also, huge thanks to her father Israel and of course to everyone at Dew Tour and Exposure Skate.



"The first event of Saturday's Dew Tour Celebration was the G.W.R. AM Park Finals. Brought to you by Nikita (!!!), they are shedding some much-needed light on all the girls coming up in bowls and parks all across the world...Eight of the most promising young female skaters took their runs, nailed their tricks, and showed the world that womens' skateboarding is on the rise."

Read The Full Article On Dew Tour Below, or here! And, stay tuned for all of the photos from our event coming soon right here on the blog and all of our social accounts @nikitaclothing....